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    What are you reading right now--when you're able?
    I've rediscovered The Hardy Boys and The Three Investigators series--books that I loved as an adolescent. Surprisingly, they are still very enjoyable to read, and are obviously not very demanding.
    How do you go places, such as the laser dentist? Are you able to drive, or does your father take you?
    I can walk to the car and back, but I can't do steps, and for any longer distances, I need a wheelchair. I can drive the dog around the block, but that's about it.
    How far can you walk?
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    Thanks for writing.

    How are you today?

    Thank you for sharing about how you can't walk far. I'm usually used to it. I can only remember very well as far back as this afternoon... wait, not even that. Living in the moment, it's easy to forget that I can't walk much.

    Today I had to get off the couch where I was lying down to answer the door. I got there slowly, hobbling like an old tree buffeted by unseen winds. It was a census taker visiting me, asking how many people live here.

    I had to sit down. Right there on the floor of our entranceway, among old dried mud and resting work boots. I could hardly talk to answer questions. I was wearing two layers of old pajamas to keep warm, and I had been in them about a week straight without bathing.

    As she left, the woman said, looking a little scared, "Hope you feel better soon."

    "I hope so too," I replied.

    I can hardly stand, so much as walk. Even sitting up in a wheelchair is too hard. I slouch. When I was waiting for the dentist, my head flopped back till my neck ached. Dad noticed, and he held my head up in both his hands so I wasn't hurting.

    I never learned to drive. When I was in school, homework drained out all the extra energy I should have had for learning and playing with my friends or having a social life. By the time I graduated, with the minimum credits needed, I was too sick to drive. Dad drives me, gets groceries for me, does the dishes, does the laundry...

    I like juvenile and young adult fiction best too. It's easier to read. And you notice how the stories are about growth, change, and coping with challenges? In adult books, it seems like too often the story focuses on the unraveling of a person instead.

    Some authors I like are C.S. Lewis (we have this one in common!), the Little House on the Prarie books, L.M. Montgomery, Margaret Peterson Haddix (more of a thriller type), "Watership Down", and fantasy books for young readers. I recently read "Facing the Lion", about a young girl who survived the holocaust and was reunitied with her family. It was an adult book, but simply written and very moving.

    You have a beautiful dog. What's his name? How long have you had him? He must be good company. I've trained my little brothers fairly well (wink), and they still like to be hugged, though they're 20 years old. When they come home from work, sometimes I stand on their toes, and we shuffle back and forth together. I get my brother to hum the music, and I pretend we are dancing. They like back scratches too, and when I can listen to how their day went.

    I have to do steps, because we have a split level house, and I have to go up the steps to get to the bathroom. I shouldn't be doing them though. And I can't walk well. I used to walk for hours on end back when I was healthier. Now my joints go every which way when I try it, and I can hardly hold my body up to move without starting to black out and fall.

    I'm glad you can drive. Can you drive far, or for very long? If you lived here in Calgary, you could drive out to the base of the rocky mountains in Banff inside of 40 minutes. It must look beautiful by satalite.

    We used to drive through the mountains from Kelowna B.C. to Vancouver on a highway called the Coquihalla. There was a rest stop halfway along, with thick mountain grass in the summertime, and a little stream that was clear and bright. There were so many gold flakes in the water. Whenever there's gold in a stream, dad would lie on his belly and try to spot the little flakes glinting in the sunshine in the warm sands. We plucked some nice pieces out of that little stream. I wish I knew the name of the mountain it runs below, so you could get a peek at it. It's a smooth curve of blue-gray shining rock that's as smooth as a sledding hill. So big and high and steep that it makes a person dizzy just to look at it.

    My brother needs to use the computer, so I'd better say goodbye for now. Sorry I was too slow to answer your last post to me. It's harder for me to write somedays... especially if it involves remembering things! lol

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    ... for a few days. Things okay?
    (( )) Shannon

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