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  1. sues1

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    You sure are on my mind.

    Did you ever find any help for bathing and such? It is not human to not have help for you out there.

    I am concerned.

    Love and gentle hugs..........Susan
  2. sues1

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  3. pepper

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    I am wondering too.

  4. sues1

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    I've been having a better week, and bathed myself a couple of times. Home care is accessable. They would have sent someone over the week after my call.

    I'm going to see if this good stretch can hold. If not, I have easy access to help. Now I know.

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
    (( )) cleaner Shannon :)
  6. sues1

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    I know how hard it is to be on the computer sometimes. I am glad you have opened the door to some outside help.

    I lay on the couch in my TV room and use various shams on a regular bed type pillow. Problem is that if I fall asleep I many times wake up sweaty, espically around my neck and shoulders.

    I think it is because I like to use a throw or small pillow under one of my arms that makes my arm feel better, Back of the sofa does not allow air flow. So pillow cover is wet.

    I change it lots and the shams get washed a lot as they sour pretty fast.

    I now throw a bath towel over the pillow sham. Still feels comfy and end of it also protects the couch where my pillow ends.
    Much easier for me to "change" plus wash and dry.

    I feel fresher also.

    Sending you gentle hugs and Many Blessings.......God Bless you and your family........love, Susan
  7. pepper

    pepper New Member

    that you know how to get the help if you need it.


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