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  1. carebelle

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    sorry I just saw that post back to me .I get lost sometimes. but I was thinking of to my name if you want to talk sometime.

    I am the one that my hubby grew up in Mt Vernon. His family owned an insurance company but about 4 years ago he passed away and his wife passed away from cancer.It use to be a big name in town around insurance.

    anyhow I love Mt Vernon .We met at the Nazarene University there and were married way back in 73. We still have 2 brothers there .Also a lot of friends.
    Why did you move there? I hope you like it.
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    Sorry this has taken so long. I collapsed Tues evening and was taken to the ER. Long story maybe I'll tell everyone about it when I'm up to it. Feeling a little better today so I thought I'd check in here real quick.

    My husband works for a major national fast food chain and was promoted. His territory was origionaly suppossed to be all of Ohio so we tried to locate near the center of the state. We literally took a compass and made a circle around the Columbus airport that would equal an hour drive and looked for homes inside.

    We love Mt Vernon and wish we'd known about it sooner because we would have concentrated our home shopping here and might have found a house we liked better. We moved from Memphis and we love having four seasons and living in the country.

    I'm already getting woozy so I better go back to bed.

    Talk to you later,

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    If you decide to move to Mt Vernon I have a good friend at a realtor there,let me know we will figure out how to exchange that information .

    I hope you are ok .Get your rest and just post when you feel better.
    Its funny we are moveing back to Kettering Ohio its about 2 hours east of Columbus.We did the same thing we found his work address and told them we wanted a house no more then 15 min from his
    We are waiting to sell our home here in Va. then we will get there and buy another home hopefully real soon.

    Have a restful day we will talk later.
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  5. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

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    I'm finally feeling a little better. I won't tell you the details here but if you want to, read my post How to thank Neighbors. Any way I don't think my answer was very clear last time. We've lived here for five years and love it. We live about 7 miles outside of Mt Vernon.

    What I was trying to say last time was that when we were househunting 5 yrs ago we wish we had discovered Mt Vernon sooner because we would have concentrated our search here instead of wasting our time looking in several counties.

    Glad to hear you are moving back to Ohio. How far away from Mt Vernon will you be?
  7. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    We will be closer to Cincinnati. About 3 hours.
    I have always loved MV I hope you enjoy your self there .I think the people there are very nice. Its also a beautiful old town .
    Have a good day!

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