Shar6710 Horselovers thread continued, any welcome

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. morningsonshine

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    Hey Shar, littleblue if you are there,

    I finally feel up to posting again. We were talking about Natural Horsemanship and horse life.

    I did read Monty Roberts book, but it was quit some time ago, and then there was that big scandal about wether or not he was telling the truth or not about his life. Not that it matters.

    I think they all have commonalities or similar concept, just there own style in doing it. And i think one has to find the style that best suit you, the individual.

    Clinton Andersons message just didn't work for me, they seem to rough, and my Spanish Mustang reacted negatively to it. But others love him and get good results.

    John lyons take to much repetition, and i don't have the patients.

    This Frank Bell was really interesting me, he is quit and calm, and dosen't use a round pen.. I was wanting to get away from the round pen. I don't have the energy for it, and it makes me sea sick.

    My girl was responding positively to some of the beginning methods of Bell, but then i got to the point of not being able to get out there at all.

    Okay, i know there was more i wanted to respond to from our original post, but getting to tired. Will add more later.

    Horse whiskers,
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    Glad you are feeling better. I am not up to writing much myself as I've had a very busy week (relatively speaking of course).

    Had a little excitement with my gelding yesterday. The electric fence isn't working. My DH tried to fix it last week but he is incredibly clueless with anything concerning the horses. I of course can't walk the fence line to check it and since the tractor battery is dead (DH hasn't fixed it yet either) I haven't been able to do anything about the fence.

    So yesterday my TWH gelding decided to visit the fillies next door. He had quite the fun time running around with his two favorites. My husband was able to catch him pretty easily and we were able to coax him back onto our property the same way he left. Then as I let the dogs out after their evening meal I saw him go through the fence again! This time I could tell my little Icelandic mare was thinking about joining him. I was able to hobble out there before she made up her mind and drove her away and once again we coaxed Rocket back. DH made a temporary fix and I've ordered supplies to (hopefully) get our fence working again.

    Poor things I know they are bored, with all the snow cover they can't even graze at all. Today I watched as a tarp of some kind blew across the neighbor's field and into our pasture. This kept them entertained for some time. I know horses that would have crashed through a fence with something like that chasing them. But mine turned it into a game and after a while they were picking it up in their teeth and tossing it around. I retrieved it this evening and it is in tatters. Don't know if they did all the damage or if it was already torn.

    Wow I typed a lot more than I thought I could. Funny how you feel about a round pen. I liked Parelli because you don't really need one either and I don't own one. Now I wish I did because I might be able to play with the horses in a confined area on one of my really good days.

    Too tired to discuss anything "deep" tonight and though it isn't even 9 yet I'm going to bed. I'll write more soon.


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