Share your best budget tip to give a baby shower

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Beadlady, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Beadlady

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    A friend at work wants to give her son's girlfriend a baby shower;--this is will be her first grandbaby and she is really excited--howver is short on $$.

    Please share your best low costs ideas for a baby shower.

  2. AnneTheresa

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    Pot luck (ask the invitees to each bring a snack to share) makes it easier on the host's pocket-book and provides a sense of community. Also, party favors can be bought at the dollar store for a fraction of the price you'd pay at a department store. God bless, Theresa
  3. ksp56

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    We used pictures of the baby's parents,from baby to adulthood, for decorations. They were on the same table as the punch, cake, nuts and mints. Anne Theresa's idea of a pitch in, is perfect! I have done the same and it works out great!

    Our daugther's shower was beautiful. As the saying goes..." Sometimes, less is more".

    Congratulations to your friend's new grandchild!

  4. Janalynn

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    I think time of the shower can make a big difference - meaning if you don't do it over a 'meal time' it can save a lot of money.
    If you do it in the evening, (after dinner) you can get away with cake and drinks - a few small bowls of nuts, candy etc. Then you don't have to do all of the hors douvers etc.

    I don't think you have to do a lot of decorations at all these days. One bouquet of flowers with pretty or cute paper plates/cups - the Mom to be can take the flowers home with her.

    If she needs ideas for things to "do" at showers, let me know - I have a few of those. One that has been a great success is everyone bring their favorite children's book to give to the new Mom. It was really fun to see the old Classics come out. Goodnight Moon, I Love You Forever....Where The Wild Things Are etc.

    I also have some fun game ideas.

    My sister has had 4 people at work to co-host showers for this year. With that many, they had to be budget conscious, so they did them all minimally and they all turned out wonderfully.
    So really it can be done.
    Does she want to do it alone, or would she mind anyone doing it with her?