share your tips for drinking alot of water

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    As we all know drinking a lot of water is very important for anyone's health, but for us it's probably even more important.they say to drink at least 6 glasses of water, or more a day. Here's what is helping me do that...

    1. Get a pretty and good-sized pitcher, and fill it each day and put in fridge, and try to drink all of it each day.
    For me the COLD water tasted better.

    2. Don't ask me why but I can drink more when thru a STRAW. It's wierd, but it works for me!

    3. Buy a bunch of seltzer water. It's just plain water that has been carbonated, and once you get used to it, it's delicious. comes in flavors, too.

    Happy Drinking!!!

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    I use crystal light in my water and find that I can drink my 8 glasses a day without any problem.


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    I usually get in at least 8-10 glasses of purified water in a day easily. Make sure you also get enough minerals, vitamins, salt, elcolytes are very very important. I am a coffee drinker. If I don't bring my bottled water I will drink coffee. I still have two cups a day of coffee but will drink more if no water which coffee makes you dehydrated. It is just habit and after a while you will like the taste of a good pure water. I think it is great to mix things in your water as long as they don't have artifical sugars or caffine in them. I drink about 2 mugs a day of herbal tea. Also try to keep a jug of herbal iced tea made up in my fridge.
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    Find water that you like the taste of. A lot of people live in areas where their tap water is tests fine (few impurities, etc.) but if you don't like the taste of it, you aren't going to drink it!

    You have to find water that doesn't have a weird taste. For example, when I'm out & buying a bottle of water, Dasani is the LAST one I'd buy, Aquifina a close me, it's like drinking water from a toilet. Someone else with different tastebuds might love these. I prefer water that you literally can't taste at all...completely neutral. And that can cover a wide range...I love Evian because, to me, it has NO taste at all, but is expensive. On the other hand, my local grocery store's bottled brand tastes almost as good, and costs 49 cents for a big bottle.

    We all have different taste buds----I'm not a natural water-lover (my daughter is) so I have had to find types I like because they taste good to ME and/or have no aftertaste.

    Drink up!!