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    A meditaition/inspirtation from a daily meditation book..

    Learn to release old toxins

    Just as splinters can get embedded in our body, old emotions and beliefs can act like toxins and become embedded in us, too. We may have picked up residue along the way—beliefs we didn’t consciously choose, feelings we weren’t safe enough to feel, toxins from the world around us.

    Now is a time of cleansing. Now is the time to heal your body and emotions, your mind and soul.

    What beliefs and emotions do you need to heal? Look around at your life right now. What are you thinking? What are you talking about? What issues are cropping up in your life?

    Who are you talking about? What are you remembering? Who has come back into your life? What hurts? Is that feeling familiar? When have you felt it before?

    Once you’ve identified what you’re feeling and thinking, release it. Let the energy go. Let it leave your body. You can chatter all you want about what’s going on with you, but that doesn’t release the energy from your system anymore than talking about a splinter takes it out. Sometimes the process will sting just a bit when you pull out the splinter. But don’t worry. It won’t hurt for long. And soon you’ll feel better than you’ve felt in a long while.

    Often the process of releasing old toxins can be as gentle and natural as the way a flower or a tree grows with sunshine and rain, and a bit of fertile soil, and a little pruning and weeding.

    Growth can be gentle now. Growth can be fun. Breathe in new air. Breathe in new energy. Exhale the past, its feelings, beliefs and toxins. Let it go. Let yourself be transformed.
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    I believe everyone needs to take a look inside and not get too comfortable with themselves. Thanks for the post, it makes a person want to probe a little deeper to see what negatives they need to get rid of!

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