Sharing a special moment of my son with praise in my heart

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    I find that so much of the time I whine and complain, I spend valuable time wishing I had my health back, along with my youth. Like all of you, many days I wonder if I do anything in life right.

    I have had my fair share of problems with health care professionals, procedures, etc. Often I find I generalize, but something happened last week that made me realize I should stop and think.

    My son is 30 and has given me lots of heartache. But last week he brought tears to my eyes. He treats cancer patients with radiation, a very specialized field. He has been doing this since he was 21, is now very good at what he does. I realize he has to put some kind of a protective shield around himself, so he can go home at night . My daughter is an RN, and must do much the same thing.

    Last week he began to treat a 12 year old with a brain tumor, he will treat her daily for about six weeks. This has greatly effected him.

    He is the chief tech, and found a mistake the physicist made before he began treatments. He has refused to let anyone on his staff treat this child other than himself. He just bought her a bunch of hats as she will lose hair again. The mother is young, and not particularly cooperative. He has said he would give her the first choice of appointments each day.

    Lord, I thank you for my son, and the caring which he is tending this child. I praise you Lord for guiding his hands and his mind and his heart.
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    I pray God will give your son the strength & compassion needed in his job, but also the ability not to take all his patient's problems onto himself, it is so easy to get too involved, especially with children. The right mix is hard to find & keep.
    I will continue to pray for you both.