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    Hi All!

    I just wanted to share with someone that feels God is not there or listening to your prayers. I am a 61 year old female living with a horrible case of fibromyalgia, among other things. Within the past year, the illness has progressed greatly. I am also an associate Minister since 1998. However, this past year, I felt like I could not take it anymore. I am a Christian Counselor, and have continued counseling through my illness.

    I cannot explain to you the severe pain, fatigue and addition sickness I am experiencing. The last few months I slowly slipped into deep depression with frequent crying spells and just wanting to not be here. I think I had it in my head to not be here for a lil while. Anyway, I started crying out to God, arguing really, and asking Him why wont he fix me! I mean I was in a horrible pit! One day I was in the shower, where I like talking to God in the water. I told Him he made my body, so fix it. Yelling, where are you, what is this all for????? Why do You continue to send people to me for help, when I can't help my self????? Well, I couldn't.

    A still small voice replied: "I told you I would never leave you nor forsake you. I am concerned about what concerns you." At that time, my spirit calmed down and knew that He had not forsaken me. I went to church the following Sunday. Within the Pastor's sermon, it was if God had told him about my questions. My questions were repeated word for word, and my answers were included in the Pastors points.

    God told me I would not be able to tell anyone that He would never leave me, unless I had experienced it myself. It's not that I didn't already know that since I am a minister. I needed to be remineded that I am human and that just as Jesus, what I am going through is not for me, but for someone else. For the last three Sunday's, my questions have been answered in eacy sermon as if they were designed especially for me. What an awsome God.

    I encourage someone today that this too shall pass! No one may not understand your situation, you may be down to your last dime (I lost my job last month as well), or just feeling hopeless. I say to you, don't give up, hold on and believe God is right there, just talk to him.

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    For the uplifting story ! It is always good to remember that He will never forsake us , no matter what. He talks to us individually , without anyone else needing to know our secret hearts desires. That is how much He loves us. Just us. If there were only one true believer left on earth , He would still give His life for them and shower them with His love.

    Amazing Love , How Can it be that this King would die for me ?

    In His Grace,

    PS I will keep you in my prayers .
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    Yes, I too have been where you were and strongly heard God's words of comfort come to me years ago....a different story, but the same compassionate God! It was the most amazing and calming feeling I will ever on this earth have, and there is no way to deny His existance or power or love.

    Yet even having felt His presence, sometimes (many times) I still slip and forget who's in charge...and want to handle everything by Not sure if I'm too human or too proud, but know it's something I need to work on! He is always beside us, if we give Him the space...but my pride can sometimes push Him away for awhile....

    Bless you for your story and for the honor you give to Jesus. ***Jole***