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    Just thought I would share some of my recent results as others might have similar situation in symptoms/ labs.

    I had an acute onset of symptoms (although I had some minor fatigue episodes in the prior year) and was initially diagnosed with infectious mononucleosis (transiently positive heterophile antibodies).

    My major current symptoms are fatigue, slowed mental processing speed with occasional memory/ word-finding problems, flu-like upper back ache, achy joints, and insomnia, post-exertional malaise, occasional non-premenopausal hot flashes. At the beginning, I also had sore throat with enlarged lymph nodes, dull headache for 2 months, imbalance while walking, blurred vision, and struggling to stay awake at times during the day (different from fatigue - like being at a dull lecture and trying to keep your eyes open).

    Anyways, my Epstein-Barr virus titers are declining whereas my HHV-6 titers are now high. Values are a difficult to compare due to different labs testing.

    Last year, my HHV-6 titers were essentially negative but this year, my IgG is 1:640. EBV VCA IgG this year is 1:320; my EA (early antigen) IgG was 1:160 (normal <1:10) but now <1:10 (non-detectable).

    Secondly, in my earlier thread on T-cells, I had written about a low and declining CD3, CD8, and CD4 count. Since then, I have come across some studies which show that 1) both HHV-6 types infect and deplete CD4 cell counts 2) HHV-6A also decreases CD8/CD3 cell counts but not HHV-6B.

    So my guess from this is that I likely have HHV-6A active infection which transiently reactivated my EBV. Anyhow, I have an appointment with Stanford coming up.
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    I had Tripple A's when I needed Double A's.

    Sounds like you have Fibromyalgia.

    I don't know all those figures you're talking about but we all have the same stuff.

    I hope that all those numbers help your symptoms,
    but they're making mine hurt worse.


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