sharing some basic factors that cause to diabete

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    diabetes now is a common problem for all people. especially for the old. and then what factors cause this disease are becoming the main concerning for human beings. the followings are some factors that cause diabetes.
    1.dietary problem
    some people like to eat sugar very much. sugar can lead to obesity for us and obesity is also a factor that cause diabetes.
    2. no exercise
    as the development of technologies, people do not need to walk. we have cars, buses and other convenient transportation.
    3. bad mood

    I hope these are helpful.
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    The basic factors are: diet; a lack of exercise;obesity; virus infection;chemicals and drugs; Hereditary; weak immunity; pregnancy and Neuropsychiatric factors.
  3. Mikie

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    There is an excellent book to help one understand everything about diabetes. It is, "Diabetes Without Drugs," by Suzy Cohen. Medications which decrease blood sugar numbers are not the answer. Diet, exercise and understanding the condition are the keys to preventing and treating Type II Diabetes.

    Sunflower and Windytalker, both members here, have contributed greatly to this topic over on the Chit Chat Forum and the General Health Forum. The discussion is a "sticky" post which means it stays at the top of the page.

    I have lost 24 pounds through exercise and cutting sugar, and other carbs, from my own diet. I bought a blood glucose monitor at Walmart and check my blood sugar. Just losing five pounds can help with blood sugar and high blood pressure. If you don't think five pounds is much, next time you go to the grocery store, carry a five-pound bag of sugar around while you shop. It will exhaust you. I was carrying almost five of those bags of sugar on my body. Yikes!!!

    Let's keep this topic going. This is the start of a big grassroots movement to take control over obesity and its related illnesses. And please, get the book and read it. It will amaze you and inspire you to take action and improve your own health. The more people we have taking control of our wellness, the better. One doc told me that this is exactly how we will change the face of obesity-related illnesses. One needn't be obese to have diabetes so this is of interest to all of us. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    • dehydration,
    • hunger,
    • increased urination, and
    • increased thirst.
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    My doctor at Corrective Chiropractic & Wellness advised me to exercise daily as obesity can increase the risk of Diabetes.
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    Again, I suggest everyone read the book I recommended above. Diabetes is so much more than just being inert and eating too many carbs. If one has diabetes, or insulin resistance (also called pre-diabetes), and high blood pressure or a history of heart disease/strokes in the family, the risk becomes much, much greater.

    If we can control our diets and get aerobic exercise, it goes a looooong way toward mitigating the risk.

    Love, Mikie
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    Which will you recommend whom already fall in diabetics?
  8. Mikie

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    First, it's critical to be under a doctor's care. This is nothing to fool around with.

    Second, learn as much as you can about how the body processes sugar and how it produces insulin. This book gives one as much, or as little, as is necessary to understand it all.

    Diabetes/insulin resistance is part of metabolic syndrome which is a dangerous condition. By controlling ones diet and activity through wise lifestyle choices, the risk can be greatly mitigated.

    Love, Mikie
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    Okey guy! Thank for your suggestion. Actually my MOM is suffering from diabetics. I will tell her about this.
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    So true. My mother in law has diabetes and since losing 15kg just by eating less and healthier and exercising more, her blood tests and overall health has improved imensly.
    I think diabetes is the disease of the century, lately i have seen younger and younger people suffering from this, it's such a shame that the awarness is not as spread as it should be.