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    I keep reading how much exercise helps fibro, so I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate this into my life. I've found that for me, some things work better than others and was thinking that it might be useful to get some ideas from one another - what works for you, what doesn't - so that we can have more possibilities.

    For instance, taking regular walks doesn't always work because leaving the house is often a big deal for me and I like to look good (well, as good as possible) when I do. So if I don't have that energy, I find walking in public a bit stressful for me.
    The same is true for going to the gym. It often feels like a huge ordeal to get there and carrying all the toiletries and whatnot.

    Three things that have worked for me:
    1) I bought a cross-trainer machine. it's got a number of different programs and levels and I can use it for any period of time. There's very low impact so it doesn't cause extra strain that way and it's a great full body workout.
    2) I also just got a mini-trampoline (it was on sale and pretty cheap). I tend to keep it in the lounge near the tv and when I'm watching tv (which I do so much of nowadays - sometimes it is the only thing I can do), I can do some bouncing or jogging in place whenever I'm up for it.
    3) I have a great pilates dvd that contains a short 10 minute segment for people with back problems. Again, the time is short so I often have enough energy to get through it, and it is specifically designed to be gentle.

    PLEASE don't think I'm saying that we all have to exercise and that it will make us all feel better. I just find that for me if I can do a bit, it helps, and I know that it took a while to figure out how without it feeling like an impossibly huge ordeal to do.

    I would love to hear if anyone else has found things that work for them (and what hasn't).

    Trying to figure this all out one step at a time,
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    I know myself well and knew that I wouldn't go to a gym even if I joined. I also knew I wouldn't walk on my road, hate people looking at me. Sooooooooo I bought a treadmill two years ago. Since I no longer am able to work I knew I had to do something for exercise.

    I absolutely love my treadmill. I don't run on it I walk 4.2 mph for 3 miles every morning. I am an avid reader and mine has a book rack so I go to the library for large print books. The time flies by while I walk and read. I also set a boombox up beside the treadmill with all my favorite cds......

    So that's my daily routine but of course there is a day or two here and there that my butt just is hurtin too bad to get on there. Some days I think no way can I do this but make myself anyway and feel so much better when I am done.

    Great thread, I'm anxious to read ideas from others.
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    I do go to the gym with my husband, but I go very early in the morning, actually at 5:00 a.m. because of his schedule. We only have one vehicle and that is the only time I can go. I know that sounds like torture, but it is actually a great time because hardly anyone is there so you can jump out of bed, put your hair in a pony tail, throw some old gym clothes on and go. I had never gone to the gym so I was nervous, but, at least at that time of the morning at the Y everyone looks half asleep and no one gives you a second look. I go back to bed after we get home as well and sleep like a baby.

    Anyway, I mostly do the treadmill, worked my way up to 4.0 at 1% incline. I couldn't live without my IPod when I work out though--those MP3 players are the greatest invention!!! I don't think I could get the motivation to workout without them. I also do some leg exercises on the machines with a little bit of weight and some abdominal exercises, nothing too major.

    When we buy a house I think we will get a nice treadmill, and that would be great, as I wouldn't have to rely on the gym and it would be more private. However, my husband and I have a routine, and if I had a treadmill it wouldn't be as much fun, as he is my best friend and I might be tempted not to do it as much if I did it alone.


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    What a fantastic way to spend quality time with your hubby! If you ever do decide to buy your own tready do not buy one of the cheaper models. We did at first and put the whole thing together and got on it and looked at each other saying no way will this work. Back apart and back to the store....LOL