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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by pepper, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. pepper

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    When I first became ill with CFS/FM 14 yrs ago, I met the daughter of a neighbour. She had had CFS/FM for 2 yrs at that time. We became instant friends and are good friends to this day. I love her very much.

    I have led a very sheltered life - Catholic schools and university and I worked in Catholic schools. I was always around people of similar beliefs. Of course I knew that atheists and agnositics exist although I still am not sure of the difference. Don't care because neither makes sense to me.

    This dear person who has become my good friend is an atheist. She has many wonderful qualities and has been tremendously supportive to me over the years.

    When I first learned that she was an atheist, I thought that I had discovered why God had sent me this illness - so I would meet this person and lead her to the Lord.

    14 yrs later I have got nowhere and am feeling that I am failing at a task that God has given me. She knows of my beliefs and respects them but makes it very clear that she "knows" that God does not exist.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could say or do to help this person? I believe that her lack of faith is contributing to her inability to cope and to her worsening health. I don't mean that people of faith can always cope or pray themselves better. I would just so love to be able to pray with her when she has tough times or tell her to leave things in God's hands. I know that on some level she would feel better.

    It is a terrible thing to see someone you care about flounder around, looking for a purpose in life, trying to figure out why she is so sick and never find any answers.

    Just wondering if anyone had any ideas. I would love to help my friend.
    Love, Pepper
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    If you have already shared your faith with her, I think there are only a couple of things you can do. "Live the life".... your actions, beliefs, concerns, words are your testimony. And your prayers. We have to leave the results up to God. He loves her more than you do.

    You might also say "I know you don't believe in God or prayer, but I am praying for you during this difficult time". Most people aren't offended by that(in fact, many unbelievers who have eventually come to the Lord, say that secretly knowing someone prayed, was important).

    And finally, just love her to death. Unconditional love is hard to resist.

    Try to rest in the peace and work of the Holy Spirit.

  3. pepper

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    I think I could use that suggestion: ""I know you don't believe in God or prayer, but I am praying for you during this difficult time". That wouldn't offend her and might at some time be helpful.

    I am hoping that she does notice things in my life and perhaps one day put it all together.

    Thank you, LOVED.
    Love, Pepper
  4. morningsonshine

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    I agree with Loved,
    Set the example in your own life, pray for her, and be a good friend.

  5. caffey

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    Pepper: Don't go and beat yourself up. We are only responsible for telling others. We are not accountable for their reaction. So don't feel guilty. At this point I would back off. She knows where you stand. This is a time to pray. That is the hardest because we want so hard to see them come to know Jesus. I would pray that God would reveal Himself to her as a God of Love and Truth. I would also ask the Lord to remove what ever crutches she has. i.e. alcohol or drugs etc. Also that God will speak to her during the night when all is quiet. Also ask the Lord to be seen in you and that she will have a desire for what you have. If the subject comes up I would ask the Lord for words to say to her. You have planted good seed and it will take root. Some day when you least expect it she will come to you and ask questions. I am sorry this is a bit babbly. Good ole percoset so I hope this makes some sense. What people don't realize is that we were created to be dependent on someone other than our selves. We have chosen the Lord. Others choose, booze, sex, drugs, wealth etc. You could also pray that she will find an increased dissatisfaction in the things she is leaning on. I also suppose you could gently once in a while ask if you could pray for her and then just pray positive stuff. One last thought I would also pray that God will send someone that she will listen to. Hope I made some sense. If not let me know I will try to explain it again.
    Love ya
  6. webintrig

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    from all of you! I sure can't add anything except I agree with all that was said and will pray for your neighbor as well. Carry on Prayer Warriors!

    All my love,
  7. pepper

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    for your words of wisdom. I think that my friend has identified the accumulation of things as her purpose in life and doesn't understand why she is still unfulfilled. I hope that she puts it all together one day.

    That is interesting, Pam, about praying while they are asleep. I have never heard that before but am going to give it a try. I appreciate your kind words.


  8. lvjesus

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    Remember that you plant the seeds, and God waters them. Prayer is the most effective tool you have at your command. I know what it is to want to save someone you love so badly that you are fighting to find what to say or do and forget that it is not up to you.

    I have witnessed to and prayed for my brother and sister-in-law and really thought it was going nowhere, but I do know that God is in control. They had heard enough from me and so I backed off and kept praying. Right now they are going to church regularly, which is new for them and so I am encouraged and I keep on praying, giving God the glory.

    Next time your friend says that she does not believe in God, say "but He believes in you".

    Pray on sister and God is able.

  9. pepper

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    I appreciate your words. I will keep praying for her and at the right time just might say "But He believes in you". Gosh, I wonder how she would react to that.

    Love, Pepper