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    I think I mentioned before how my closest sister and I have grown apart since I became a Christian and was baptized. I did what others suggested and handed it over to Jesus in prayer.

    We emailed and then talked for awhile last night. We were abused when children. She is seeking help for depression and now also was diagnosed with bipolar. She has Lupus and Endometriosis also. Is in the process of filing for disability. She sought help for the depression and emailed me to talk about the diagnosis of the bipolar. Then that led into what I have been going through this past year in therapy, the abuse we suffered in childhood. She is facing it and going for therapy also. She asked me to go along with her the first time, and of course I said yes.

    She wanted to know what has changed me to the so much better also. I said Jesus. God. My faith, my spirituality. She wants to go along with me to church this coming up weekend. :))

    What I have leared, I cannot wait to share with her. I know she is going to have to make her own choices herself. Its a great step in a good direction. I am very happy that we have come together again.