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    On this past Sunday I went on an Adventure. I went to the Adventure Aquarium in NJ. First we toured the Aquarium for 1.5 hours and saw all the exhibits and then after that I went to Swim With The Sharks.

    It was amazing! I love fish and to be up close and personal with sharks, other saltwater fish, barracudas and stingrays was just the experience of a lifetime!

    This was a present that my MIL had given to me last year for Christmas. It took me so long to use it because I kept waiting to "feel better". I finally said screw how I feel and went and did it. I am so happy that I did!

    The wet suit hurt like hell to wear, the walking made so much pain, cold water made it worse and all that and the next day I felt crappy and was in crazy pain and I expect this to go on for at least a week BUT it was SOOOOO worth it! To do something I have always wanted to do makes it a little more bearable! I don't regret it at all!!!!!
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    That WAS an adventure. Glad you had a good time. Did you get a photo you can post?
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    What a thoughtful gift. So glad you had a GREAT time. Gives me ideas for my daughter and her boyfriend for Christmas.
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    I actually made a webpage with all my pictures on it but I am not sure if I am allowed to post the link on here or not. It's just my personal page to show pictures.

    I re-read the rules and I think I am safe putting up this site. If I am wrong I didn't mean to break the rules.

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    I was going to sign the guestbook, but did not want to enter my Email addy. That way we are not under any violation?

    I kept shuddering at the sharks! What an adventure! I am in awe. Only time I have known of a MIL that wanted her DIL to swim with the sharks in a good way. LOL.

    She was thoughtful and you have to be admired for doing it. I know how bad it was otherwise. But WOW.

    Thanks for ahring! Blessings...........Susan
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    I visited your website. Great pics; beautiful.

    Boy, I would never get into a pool w/ sharks and sting rays. Too fierce for me. Lends new meaning to the phrase, "Are the fish biting today?"

    That's a wonderful picture you have in your profile. I tried to send it to my former secretary who always has 3 or 4 dachshunds on hand. Couldn't get it to work, so I just told her about it.


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    for all the nice thoughts guys :) I was glad to have people to share this with!
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    sharks and all kinda of fish. I love ocean life as well as all other types of animals...we have a lot of pets. I used to run a business where we took care of people's aquariums for them. My big dream is to go diving on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.