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    Thanks so much for answering my post on the arthritis board. I have been having trouble with my rt. hip for a while. My rheumatologist did xrays which showed arthritis. The pain didn't settle down so she injected cortisone with no relief. A week later I ended up in an urgent care clinic with a flare. They doubled the prednisone increased the oxycontin and put me on morphine for breakthrough. That settled down the flare but not the hip pain. I saw her in the hospital last week when she made the diagnosis of fibro. She said I was tender all over, the fact that the treatment at the clinic didn't work, and I wasn't sleeping even though I am on flexeril she came to that diagnosis and then she walked out of the room and gave me a prescription for more percoset and would make a referral to a pain specialist which I still haven't heard from.
    1. The pain in the hip is really bad and I am having trouble walking.
    a) Is this normal with fibro?
    b) My physio says that my hamstring muscle and some big muscle in going from my butt to the knee are in knots.
    Is this normal?
    2. Is there medication that is usually prescribed for fibro and the pain? I know like ra everyone has an opinion and there is a lot of quack stuff out there.
    3. Are there things I need to be aware of to seek medical attention? I keep telling them that this pain is different than the ra pain.
    4. Are there complications from fibro?
    5. Does it do any damage like ra?
    I really appreciate the FM board but how do I begin to weed through all the info to find something. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I'm sure I'll have more questions but I think that is all I can handle right now. I am feeling overwhelmed and cranky. Want to be alone, don't want to be alone. Can't get comfortable. If I stay in one postion too long I stiffen up.
    I'll try and catch up with you in the chat room sometime soon.
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    I am so thankful for this board. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I guess I am looking for answers where there are no answers. I am trying to read a bit about it but I find the info so overwhelming and it is hard to concentrate on what they are trying to say. I guess one of the hardest things is that my docs, physio and friends and myself are so frustrated because it is one step forward and three back. I need a diversion. I am going to make a cup of tea and veg with my heating pad ( it is my new best friend)( my girlfriend just bought me one from Wal Mart that comes with a pad that you dampen and then put it on top of the heating pad) and watch Without a Trace. Thanks again.
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