Sharp brain pains and also Vertigo

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    I posted yesterday on the twitches in the hands. I also have ringing of the ears, dizziness, itchy ears and pain, and nausea. Doctor doesn't think by the looks of my ears there is any infection both times i have went for this. Seems to believe it has to do with the fluid in my ears. Probably part of the fibro he says. I really worry about the sharp pains i also get in my left top side of my head and by my temple. I always think a stroke, but dr. says nothing to worry about. All these symptoms are almost insane! ! ! I hate putting on the act that i am well when i feel so terrible. Most of my friends just shove FMS off like its all in your head. Its so discouraging. Any replies would be appreciated. Thanks once again. Deanna
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    My ears do not ring, and I am usually only nauseated as a result of medications, but I do have the other symptoms. I understand that itchy ears are quite common, as is vertigo. My headaches are chronic, and also in the temple area. As far as your friends and family go, I would recommend that you send for the brochure that is offered on this site. It is always the first posting on this board, and you can get up to 99 copies at a time. Free is a VERY good price!
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    hi deanna,

    i understand your frustration about the mysterious sharp pains in your head. i have some info about that, that may apply to you.

    i have had the same symptom since about 4th grade. it's a small, sharp, stabbing pain, that may only happen once, or a few times. it always startles me & i used to think it was related to stroke or anuerysm (sp?). after they started happening more frequently, i got scared & made an appt w/ a neurologist. she took a look at me & told me it was NOT a tumor or anything like that, then got her medical dictionary & showed me the definition of "icepick headache". now it might seem confusing to some, since it is not really a headache, but, more like a twinge of pain, that kind of throbs & lasts for a few seconds or more. (at least this is how it feels w/ me.) it's like someone is taking a pair of tweezers & pinching a nerve in there. anyway, i've done some research on the net, & apparently it is nothing to be concerned about. remember, you have no sensation in your brain, only around it. (although it sure feels like it's way in there!) it is also called "idiopathic stabbing headache". so, feel free to look up more info on that & see if it applies to you. i hope that helps!

    as for the rest, i hope you are able to find solutions.. keep searching. i hate putting on the act thati feel well also. if necessary, send some of the website addresses about fibro to your friends, if they're interested or need convincing. maybe seeing the definitions, descriptions, & medical info will convince them. or, maybe you just need to hang around more open-minded & understanding friends! it's SO easy to judge someone, until you're in their shoes- and know what they are going through!!


    p.s. since the icepick HA's usually occur during rimes of greater stress, that's yet another reason to try to weed out as much stress from your life as possible. :)
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    weird, huh??
    although i think they should be called "tweezer headaches"...
    kind of strange to have a sensation occur & be told it's nothing, just a blip, a fluke in the system. well, at least- so they say- it's not serious. maybe you can view it as one of your "idiosyncrasies"... i try to think of this & my mitral valve prolapse that way.... ;)