Sharp hand pain & burning shoulders/I want to post more

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achy, Sep 19, 2003.

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    I try not to whine...but damXXX it. What can you do if you can't bear use your hands?!?! they have always ached, but the pain is so bad it's getting harder to do anything...especially type. Just wiping soemthing off I get the sparp hand pain and my shoulders burn so bad

    I keep telling the docs how bad the pain is...try to show them the swelling and they say take a flexeril...blah blah
    The joints don't swell, it swells inbetween them. Every square inch of my hands hurt, and the pain sometimes runs up my arm to the tender point below the elbow. and I'm now getting sharp stabbing pains in the middle of my palm and between the thumb and index that muscle. It is excruciating.
    I had to buy light & textured glasses to drink from, holding a fork to eat brings tears to my eyes. Half the time I just use my fingers!! I found these arthritis gloves (I've posted about them before) and they help a bit but I can't wear them washing dishes, etc...
    I do have carpal T, but neuro says it's not bad enought for surgery...Pain Spec. thinks its RA, but tests are neg..same old crap.

    I've always been able to manage this DD pretty well I think. My hips are so bad some days I can barely walk, but I could sit here on the confuser and pass time. Now after 5 mnins or so I'm ready to scream...

    SO, if you don't see me, it doesn't mean I'm not here....I want to post, and help ya'll, like so many of you do for me.
    Hopefully this too shall pass.

    I love ya'll...I really care about each of ya. Your in my prayers.

    Warm fuzzies
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    Sounds weird I know. But if you have anything like that, and you'd have to look it up, they are sometimes neurologist's or orthopedists who can deal with what you are going through as well. From what you said, I don't believe you are dealing strictly with Fibromyalgia. Go see a specialist and if you need a HMO referral, request one from your primary care physician. He cannot refuse you. She or he should be able to diagnose and help you. This is one of those things I think where you have to push and get what you need. Something is not right.
    Good luck. I hope this helped.
    (A former Medical Assistant and EMT - whose seen a lot)