Sharp Liver Pain, Palpitation Feeling, Weird Feeling Liver

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  1. MrLund

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    Since last week or so , I have been experiencing a sharp dull pain that comes right on to the liver, upper abdominal, it seems like its right at the liver, the pain comes and goes.

    In addition, I also feel a palpation type of feeling, like a weird bubbling type of muscle feeling around the liver area, it's so weird.

    It actually stops me from doing anything, it feels so weird around the liver.

    Has anyone experience anything like this on the board ?

  2. msbsgblue

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    It is late but I will be back tomorrow to tell you more.
  3. charming

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    just in june of this year i was getting that very same pain in the uppr right abdominal area under the rib cage it was inflamed my Dr. thats not my Dr. now did a complete metabolism blood test which at that time showed my AST was slightly elevated ,he wanted to do a f/u blood test and a ultra sound of my liver to check for hepatitis/viral hepatitis. but my insurance ran out because of job transfer but i have a new Dr. and he listen to me and read my prior blood work and won't to take care of everything slow first I have to get blood work for cholesterol because it was mixed and then a liver function panel and we will go from there. sometimes the pain on my right upper abdominal area is sharp and throbbing which make bending and twisting hard and i had 2 upper respirtory cold since May and july this year which seems odd to have two colds within 3 months.I will keep you updated .
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  4. babyk902

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    i've never really experienced the pain in your liver that you're referring to, but i know that most patients with cfs/fibro have liver problems, and i'm definitely one of them, you probably just have a sluggish/weak liver, try taking some milk thistle, it should definitely help strengthen your liver. i get the palpitations also sometimes, and especially after i eat for some reason, or if i'm really full.

    hope this helps
  5. MrLund

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    My Liver Profile test was good, except the ALT, why would it increase I have no idea, but in order to feel like a palpitation feeling for a while over a week that's telling me that something is really wrong and its not making sense.

    In last 3 months, I've been to doctors 11 Times... I don't think my insurance company will keep paying for stuff... Every visit I had a CBC and Liver profile.

    The only thing is out is the Lympocyte is at 65% ; ALT is 38 and Neutrophil is at 30's and WBC at 6.1

    They don't seem to care much other than oh yea it may be some viral illness.

    That's all I get.

    Any suggestion ?
  6. msbsgblue

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    Mine all actually began about 1995. I had a strange feeling in that area and the problem you are having but not so much pain then.

    Sometimes I got a pin pricking sensation there or would just feel uncomfortable sort of like I wanted to lean backwards and it took the pressure or whatever off that area.

    As time has gone on they thought gall bladder which was impacted with stones so it was removed. That was not what was causing the problem you discribe. I have been to gastric doctors and had ALL the upper and lower GI tests and everything they could think of since.

    As time has gone on it has become more painful and more hardened at times in there. They have found NOTHING.

    One doctor I spoke to told me it may be a slow illius (is that spelled correctly) so they told me when it feels that way to place my thumb on my hip bone and bring my finger tips around to that area and massage it as deeply as I can without hurting too much. I have to admit that does help when I remember to do it and when I want to since it is sore there so much.

    Also as time has gone one I stay sore more of the time then not and it hurts to wear anything even close to remotely tight around my waist.

    It has been all these years and I continue to get worse. They find nothing. I found a website online some time ago where literally thousands of people had the same thing and none of them had found out what it was after tons of tests. I since had a computer crash and lost the site I had bookmarked.

    I hope this has helped in some way. I know it does not seem very hopeful.

    I came back to say that it is not my liver but feels like it is. The only other thing I have been told is that it could be scar tissue since I hit my steering wheel when someone hit me in a car accident years ago. Have you ever been hit in that area? I get that palpitation thing too, but you do have an artery in that area that helps with digestion so you may be feeling it.

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  7. TXPeach

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    I, too, had what you described...a sharp pain in the liver area that would come and go. At first doctors thought it was my gall bladder, but it wasn't.

    After several doctors, $35,000 worth of tests, and 8 months of worry that I had cancer, I finally found out I had an abscess on my liver.

    I have no idea why or where it came from. However, the good news is that I was given some very strong antibiotics which took care of the abscess. It is completely gone.

    I did, however, continue to have pain afterwards for several years, though not as severe. I go back and have it checked every 2 years and everything is fine. That was in 1999.

    By the way, all of my liver function tests and blood work came up normal during this time.

    Best of luck to you. I hope you get some answers soon.

    God bless,
  8. MrLund

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    The doctor did a Alkalin Phosphate and lIver profile test, found the ALP to be at 155, its high.

    What can cause a high number ?
  9. MrLund

    MrLund New Member

    Msbsg , I have the same symptoms as you describe, I feel that there is a palpitation the skin and that I would have to stretch just to make it feel better.

    First it started slow than it started getting bad like all day along .

    I could feel it.

    I will hit the doc today see what they say.
  10. MrLund

    MrLund New Member

    Went to the doctor today and he said it may be Shingles or Pleurisy.

    Well, I been having the discomfort around 5 days now and no rash yet, he said it may takes week for it to show up, but this make sense since the discomfort is getting worse day by day.

    But, most of my feeling is coming from the liver goes up to the right chest by the breast bone.

    I am also getting a liver scan test done as well.

    I hope its not shingles, I don't want that.
  11. MrLund

    MrLund New Member

    I don't think I have lyme disease, I mean I can be sure about that. Never hard rash or anything and I live in the warmer climate .

    I mean all Lyme Infection has rash, correct ?
  12. Forebearance

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    I'm sorry to hear about your liver problems, Mr. Lund.
    I have had aches and palpitations in that area, but not stabbing pain.

    I take lots of milk thistle, which is an antioxidant that goes directly to the liver and helps it. It keeps my ALT tests normal.

    I've heard that putting a heating pad on the liver area can help it. At least it probably wouldn't hurt a person.

    If you think you are developing a virus, taking the supplement called "Virastop" could nip the virus in the bud. If I thought I was getting shingles, I'd take it immediately. Just an idea. You wouldn't need a prescription.

    In the past I've had a fatty liver, but since I moved out of my apartment that had toxic mold in it, my liver has become normal again.

  13. MrLund

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    Wow, Alaska, that's way up in the colds, do you like it up there ? Do you ever feel isolated ?

    According to my doctor, he thinks I may have Shingles, but I don't buy it. The reason for that is , the pressure / heaviness/ lightness / bubble feeling / discomfort aching type of palpitation type of feeling etc, is not related to shingles according to certain web sites.

    In addition, he didn't seem to know and just seemed confused, he just kept asking me ' do you think alot every day " etc... I said no, I don't drink. Haven't had a drink in 6 months or so.

    If I tried to cramp my stomach, I can feel like sand type of feeling around the liver area.

    I really don't know how to explain this, I am sounding like a freak show.

    I am getting a Ultra Sound of the upper right abdominal done in few days, will let you know the results.

    Also I have a ENG test this Friday to check for my balance and dizzy feeling disorder.

    too many doctors, too many test...

    Well see. I hope its not Shingles.

    The pain is not much, I am not worried about the pain , felt like i always had the pain when there was a mono.... but the Palpitation lasting this long, and other symptoms, I don't know...Never had that before.


    CBC as of 8/15/08

    Lymphocytes : 60% ( High )
    ALP : 155 ( High )
    Neutrophil : 28.6 ( Low )
    Co2 : 32 ( High )


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  14. mbofov

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    My chiro who does muscle testing helped me with numerous digestive difficulties, after the doctors were unable to do anything. Problems included inflamed gallbladder, toxic liver, strep infection in liver (which did cause pain), stuck ileocecal valve, and a few other things.

    It was cheap ($50) for the testing, and he gave me supplements by Standard Process which almost always helped. I was never hurt by anything he did.

    I know my digestion would be a mess right now if it hadn't been for my chiropractor. Also, I probably would have lost my gallbladder to conventional medicine.

    I didn't have your exact symptoms but I did have a lot that mystified the docs.

  15. MrLund

    MrLund New Member


    Took the advice and started taking some Milk Thistle, I will post see how it has helped me.

    Today is day 6 of the sensation feeling around the liver area. I don't seem to feel it much as I did in last 5 days or so. Every time I hit the bed and wake up I am fine and then afterwords host of symptoms will appear out of no where.

    Bacterial infection is a good suggestion and so it the viral infection.

    I did have a Hep B & C test few weeks ago and it was negative.

    Other than that, I am just waiting to see how the ultra sound goes and take it from there.

    Okay, I don't feel fatigue for last few days.

    I stop taking all my medicine & vitamins except

    Fish Oil & B-Complex, it seems like fatigue goes away little, not much but just a little allowing me to work about 10 hours a day.

    What I have notice is that, I am starting to get Joint Pain, on the knee cap and both of the elbow. It feels like a burning sensation and sharp pain that comes and goes.

    When I feel that I am good and healthy, boom something will show up with new symptoms.

    I can't afford to go to doctors too many times now.

    Thank you for the support everyone.

    I will keep everyone posted thanks.

  16. TXPeach

    TXPeach New Member

    I don't mean to butt in, Kelly, but I wanted to answer your question about a CT scan versus an ultrasound for liver evaluation.

    YES, the CT scan does show a much better picture of the liver than an ultrsound. When I first started having liver problems 10 years ago, my dr. would always order an ultrasound first.

    Without fail, then he would have to order a CT scan to get a better look. After this happening so many times, I finally asked "why can't we just go straight to the CT scan since you know that is what you're going to have to do anyway?"

    Evidently, the answer had to do with my insurance company. The insurance would pay for an ultrasound, no questions asked, but would not pay for a CT scan unless an ultrsound had been done first. They wanted proof that further evaluation was needed before they would pay for the CT scan.

    So my dr. explained that generally, that is what they start with because of the insurance, not sure if all insurance companies are that way though.

    From what my dr. has told me the CT scan gives them a 3-D view of the liver with cross-sections, not so with an ultrasound.

    Since 1998, I have probably had somewhere between 20 and 30 ultrasounds and CT scans each. The ultrasound always leads to a CT scan. Not once have I had an ultrasound without requiring further evaluation through a CT scan.

    Just wanted to share that info.

    God bless,
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  17. TXPeach

    TXPeach New Member

    Just wanted to mention that certain medications can cause a high ALP. Not sure what all you are taking, but maybe this is the cause???

    Hope you get answers soon. Best of luck to you.

  18. MrLund

    MrLund New Member

    No medication, that I known of
  19. msbsgblue

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    Hi did you try the thing I told you to do with putting your thumb on your hip bone and bringing the fingers around to where you feel the lump or hard spot. Massage that as much and as deep as you can without hurting yourself.

    I think the illius is involved as my doctor told me. When I do that regularly I don't have a problem, but I forget to do it.

    I know that sandy feeling you spoke of. Sort of gritty. I hope this does not go on for you for years with no explanation as it has me. I get worse month by month now.

    One strange thing was that when they cleaned me out for my colonoscopy, for about a month after I had not problem. That is why I think it is a sluggish digestive track, cleaned out and was fine for a bit.
  20. mlrarr

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    I had that same thing and went through every test known. At the very end of it all this new doc that walked into my room felt of my ribs and asked if they hurt when he touched them. I about came off the bed. Well after he felt around which seemed like forever, he said it was refering pain from costocongritus (sp). He said that it would flare up from time to time but nothing serious. I said "if you had this you would think its serious!!!
    Then I got to thinking flare up now and then, just great!! Something else to cause me more pain. Then I always try to think of the good- im not going to die from this.
    Anyway look it up and see how many other have this type of pain. Oh yeah- it can come and go on either side at any time.
    Hope you get to feeling better...