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    Hi guys,

    Not trying to scare anyone or ask for pity, just want to share with you that I'm having a real bad day right now. I am feeling a sharp pain in my chest that that shoots up to my jaw and's as though I have this big air bubble in my chest that won't come up. Feeling a lot of anxiety right now. Also a feeling of acid reflux. Anyone no what these signs are?

    I'm trying to walk it off right now.
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  2. Hippen

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    This pain does not sound right to me. Heart problems can have pain that radiates to the jaw. Are you nauseated? Does your left arm feel numb? Don't want to worry you...but call doc just to make sure. Love, Hippen

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Yes,please call DR if arm is involved! Take Care,Ez


    I'm wondering if I'm just herxing at this point since I started the Guia yesterday.

    I did however call the doctor, they had me on hold for over 30 minutes for an on call doctor, so I finally hung up. At 8:45 I received a call from the on-call doctor, mind you I called about 7:15 am, and told her about my symptoms. That was a waste of a phone call because she told me to call my doctor. I mean for crying out loud, I could have written my will & obituary by now.


    I'm still having that lingering weird bubble feeling in my chest along with that acid reflux feeling as well as a small tingling in my arm, but again, I woke up with severe pains in both arms today, but I am able to respond by typing.

    I have to wait until 9:00 to call my doctor to see if he can get me in today. Not to mention all of my other doctor appt. I have scheduled.

    Thanks for your concern,
  5. Hippen

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    Please let us know what doctor says !!!! It is hard when we hurt so many determine what is part of CFIDS/Fibro and what is a symptom of something new and different. I will send some prayers your way....keep in touch with your doctor !!!!!!!!!!! Love, Hippen
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  6. tobyj

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    Please get yourself to a dr. right away. This does not sound good, and it is not acid reflux. Please, Please get to a dr. ASAP.


    I went to the doctor and he ran some tests, like blood work and ekg and according to him, it was only a feeling of acid reflux. I was so mad at him because it seemed that he did not think that this was important because I did not have a history of heart problems.

    According to the tests, everything is normal and he prescribed me Zantac in case this happens again. Mind you I tried to explain how difficult it was for me because I had awaken this morning with pain in both arms and I told him that I just thought that it had to do with the Fibro. My doctor told me that Fibro is only physicoligical and maybe I was bringing this on myself. I told him that if it was physicoligical I would have cured myself a long time ago.

    I told him that I was in constant pain due to this illness and he just made me feel like it was all in my head and that if I truly beleived in this illness then it was up to me to accept it and move on. He told me he had a patient that had severe problems with his hips and he needed surgery and the patient told him that he would rather live with the pain than surgery. So in other words, he told me that I could deal with it or the illness will deal with me.

    I was so upset that when I left his office, I was in complete tears. All he could say to me was "good luck to you."

    It so difficult for us with this illness to get any respect from the medical field. Its as though they think that we are crazy and making up these things.

    Anyhoot, that's what happened so now I'm going through a slow recovery period. Apparently, I'm okay according to the doctor.



    EZBRUZR New Member

    Take Care of Yourself.Glad it isn't heart,sorry u hurt still.There are many People having to deal w/The Underexposed DR's out there.Don't let him live rent free in your brain.i pray you find Your strength and health again soon.RELAX!!!!! :) Peace,lisa

  9. LBV

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    Be mad and then let it go! Think of it as one step closer to finding the doctor who cares and KNOWS! I know the frustration and the tears but save the energy for yourself! It took us 20 years! A psychologist(along with many previous mds) had my sister and her husband convinced it was all in her head. No matter what paperwork or research she presented. She and her husband were truly brainwashed! She was so depressed, but we never gave up. She is getting ready to start on an experimental drug(for cfs anyway) procrit. We don't know if it will work but we are so excited we can't stand it!
    Hang in there! I think CFS\Fibro people are some of the toughest people I know!
  10. CarolK

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    SO GLAD YOU ARE OK!! I went through a similar thing and my husband insisted we go to emergency... he had a heart attack a few years ago and he said my symptoms were just like his. So we went to the emergency room and found out that it was not only acid reflux but I had been having esophogeal spasms! Boy do they hurt!! Major pain!! I have been put on the drug "protonix" and it has stopped the spasms!!

    The spasms were so bad that food would literally get stuck in my esophagas and the only way to stop it was to vomit the food out.... and this often happened when we ate out!! It caused chest pain, nausea, jaw pain and other pain that made me think it was my heart!!

    The nurse at emergency said "you did the right thing by coming in honey!! Too many women die of heart attacks cause they think their pain is just indigestion!!" She also told me that women do not have the same symptoms as men do with heart attacks.... often they think it is just heartburn!! She said ANYTIME YOU HAVE UNEXPLAINED CHEST PAIN..... CALL 911 OR GET TO AN EMERGENCY ROOM FAST!! I feel so much better knowing that it was not my heart and if it took a trip to the hospital to find out, well then so be it... I AM WORTH IT... AND SO ARE YOU COOKIE!!!

    As for your %#@*#@##%@* of a doctor... dump him and find a better one who is more understanding! Sounds like this guy should be a horse doctor!! Wait a minute... that would be animal cruelty!! Hang in there Cookie and don't give up! Blessings to you.... CarolK
  11. Mikie

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    We can never assume chest pain is related to our illnesses. Women don't typically have the left arm pain and tingling that men do, although they can. You know your own body and if something isn't right, you know it.

    It is possible the Guai has produced a flare already, but not probable and this isn't the type of symptom typically produced by a Guai flare.

    Love, Mikie
  12. teach6

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    I say, find a new doc! I had the same problem with my former PCP. He chalked everything up to anxiety and depression, even when I told him what the problem was, that I just needed to know if it was something I should be worried about.

    He told me that the extreme shortness of breath I had due to NMH, which I told him I had, even though it hadn't yet been dx'd, was all due to anxiety and I was having panic attacks and hyperventilating. I got into a big argument with him and that was the last time I went to that practice.

    My new doc is great. He understand FM and even though he doesn't treat me much since my CFS/FM specialist is an internist, I need him for referrals to specialists in my health care network. My internist is not in the network.

    At the same time I changed docs I suggested that my mom try another doc in the practicI switched to who was a geriatric specialist. She agreed to go once and was so impressed that she has never gone back to the old practice, which prior to that she had loved! They just told her everything she had was due to aging. Her severe osteoporosis was never treated until last year at the age of 91. It has severely affected her and the other doc just watched it all happen.

    Sorry this got so long. I'm just a strong believer in finding a doc that believes in your problems and supports you.


    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    I am glad you finally got some medical attention. Sorry your doctor has to be such a jerk. I had a Neuro like that whom I will NEVER EVER see again. You deserve to be treated better. Hope you are feeling better. Take care.
  14. BigGuy

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    Hate to say this , a lot of doctors seem to think because we haven't gone to medical school
    we don't know anything . Some even treat you just enough to keep you coming back. They
    don't want you to get better because they will lose money or they don't research our problems
    enough to know what is wrong . They guess.............
    I have had similar pain in chest went to emergency room , doc said I had chest wall pain .
    - gosh thanks doc .
    Anyway if doctors have seen all the reseach I have they would be believers.
    Don't give up [I haven't] still looking for a good one myself .