sharp pains like stabbing

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mirage22, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. mirage22

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    so I was laying in bed ready to try an fall asleep an out of nowhere i get this horrible sharp pain in my ovaries and it felt like i was being stabbed an i jumped an then cried. i have endo but this has been happenin more often. can someone tell me what it is?? im still waiting to get my insurance which will take 2 months so i cant afford the ultrasounds an things like that. please help!!
  2. XKathiX

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    My sister, who never goes to the doctor, had that pain and actually drove to the ER it was so bad. Turns out she had a cyst that ruptured. They say it develops around ovulation. Just a possibility....
  3. mirage22

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    ive had that before but i dont ignore it i get depo for the endo every 6 weeks an i thought it was helping. i jus dont understand why it attacks me all the time an i had pain meds they didnt touch it.
    its not even ongoing but that one sharp pain is horrible. i jus want it gone i can deal with the minor annoying pain an the hurting pain but stabbing no. i hate endo with a passion im too young to deal with this as well as the rest.
  4. mirage22

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    the nurse thinks my body was just saying its time for my shot again an shes hoping the pain stops since i have my shot now. but that if it continues call them.