Sharp, pulsing, head pains. CFS related?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsE, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. MsE

    MsE New Member

    I saw the doc and he says this is trigemingal neurology. My research, however, indicates TN affects the facial nerves. This is located on the top, right of my head. The only way my face is involved is that sometimes if I move my tongue, the needle zaps. And there is a place on my ear that triggers a zap.

    Yes, it feels as though I were being zapped: Like a darning needle was poked into my head for a second and touched a nerve. Like when the dentist hits a nerve. The pain lasts seconds, comes back in seconds, etc. A rhythm. A pulsing. This continued for a couple of days and a night. Then it went away except for brief zings of the mythical needle.

    Then, while researching, I read about a woman who connected this sensation with CFS and decided to post a message on this board. How about it? Have any of you had to deal with this weird, unsettling, head pain? Definitely not like any headache I've ever had. It is, I'm sure, nerve related.

    I pray it isn't trigeminal neurology because my grandmother had that and the pain nearly killed her. It did affect her face.

    Feedback is welome. No--feedback is NEEDED!!! Thanks, MsE
  2. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    MsE, I have had CFS for 13 years and yes, I get the same kind of pains. It happens infrequently, but, over the years, it has happened and then goes away for a long time and crops up again. I've noticed that I have to be careful not to wash my hair and go anywhere cold or have wind blow on me for that day. Real cold air bothers me. Also, I had Bells Palsy which the neurologist said was caused by activation of the herpes virus and while that was going on I had those pains. It has something to do with nerves being aggrevated I think.

    Don't know if this helps you, but wanted you to know you're not alone in suffering this symptom of what I believe to be CFS.

  3. MsE

    MsE New Member

    You don't know how much your note has relieved my min. Thank you so much! MsE
  4. MsE

    MsE New Member

    If any of the rest of you have had to deal with this, I would sure appreciate hearing from you. Thanks. MsE
  5. harrysmom

    harrysmom Member

    You're welcome. I've had this disease long enough to know how scary it is when these symptoms pop up and how anxious it can make us. So far, thank God, a lot of things pass and don't become that big a deal........LOL...seems like we just move on to some other weird ache or pain or feeling. God help us. I am 62. If I live long enough to see treatment or a cause and cure for this disease I swear I'm gonna apply to become a Rockette or sign up to climb Everest. Oh, to feel normal again.
    Hang tough.
  6. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    I have this too in the exact same place as you - I used to think I was having a mini stroke but MRI scans always have come back clear.

    I believe it is a symptom of CFS/FM and related to central nervous system dysfunction but it is a bit unnerving when it happens.

    Hugs Bunchy x
  7. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Thanks for posting! I, too, thought it might be a mini stroke, but my doc said it was a nerve in my head. Some of the stuff I've read is sort of scary--the stuff about trigeminal neuralgia--'cause my grandmother had that and it darned near killed her with the pain. However, my zap thingy stays on/in that spot on my head, not on my face, so I think the doc goofed on that part of his diagnosis. At least, I sure hope so. I would much prefer to think it is "just" more CFS crud. Thanks again. MsE
  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    This past summer I had the worst headaches ever! They were migraines, and light, sound, everything affected me in a negative way. Come to find out I had a UTI that had been lingering for a few months that I thought I got rid of. After the antibiotics, I don't get the severe migraine pain, except for the head pains I get a lot with this illness, but none as severe and disabling as I had when I had the UTI.


    Fight2Educate :)
  9. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Whaddayaknow? I was just getting over a nasty UTI when this headache thing started. My doctor thought it was just coincidental when I asked him if there could be a connection. I'm wondering if the connection might be with the antibiotic (generic Keflex) I took. I aked him, and he said "No." His reason? Because the head pain sounded like a nerve was zapping. Seems to me a read somewhere that this kind of head pain DID show up in people who had a bad infection of some kind and took antibiotics for it. Again, hmmmmmm. Thanks for posting.
  10. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    My dear friend, sorry you are going through something else!! I can't relate to this one, not yet anyway. Will be in touch and keep us updated. Hope all this goes away or you find the reason soon as the not knowing causes a lot of anxiety.

    God Bless,
  11. MsE

    MsE New Member

    Much better today. No head pain for two days, and for awhile today, I felt (dare I say this word?) energetic! Normal! It was totally wonderful. Only lasted a few hours, but it reassured me that I am not an old dingbat, and that something really is haywire, physically, with my wiring! Hugs, MsE

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