Sharp tricep throbbing pain! Help!

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    Hello All,
    I was wondering if anyone reading this post could identify with a strange pain I have been experiencing.
    The location of the pain is in my upper right arm almost exactly under my tricep muscle.

    - I'm male & 40 and this pain started about 20 years ago,
    - The pain is an extremely sharp throbbing stabbing pain in that spot alone that is on for a second and off for another second,
    - The pain is triggered when I'm in a sweat and encouter a cool breeze or cold AC air. Direct exposure to AC always sets it off.
    - As soon as pain hits, I have learned to apply pressure with my left hand over my right tricep and hold on for dear life! The pain usually goes away after 30 seconds.
    - Building my tricep muscle is a no no! Once I did rock climbing and had to pay for it with sporatic pain for 2 weeks.
    - My right hand is usually much colder than my left hand.

    At first I thought it's circulatory problem but MRI of my arm showed nothing. So I now suspect it's a nerve ending issue under my tricep.
    If you could shed any light on this strange pain, please let me know. I have tried every doctor in the book with no results.

    Thanks for your opinion!

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  2. tarifa

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    Could someone help?
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    a sore spot in that area that you can feel when your arm is not in the pain spasm. it could be a trigger point (area in muscle with cellular debris caught in the muscle tissue). along comes the ac and wham! your muscle is in spasm. just a guess.