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    For those of you that do not know. I have been walking along in a pain and fatigued induced fog for a long time. I got to the point that I wasn't helping myself, cause I couldn't get past it all to do anything and my doc was useless. I went to his N.P. and told her I needed help helping myself. I told her I was depressed enough all the time to keep me from helping myself, and also the anxiety. I have decided to go on zoloft (antidepressant). My anxiety keeps me scared to death to take the pill when I get them. I am petrified of the unknown with drugs. Bad experiences and a horrendous post withdrawal syndrome when I stopped xanax.
    I am a christian who has lost her way. I pray daily but not enough and not good enough either. I want to get closer with my savior like I once was. I want to give him this fear like it says in the bible. But I don't know how to do it and I am not sure I feel worthy of his love. Please help me learn to pray so I become worthy of my savior once again. Maybe then I can start living again. Sorry this is so long. Shirl, thanks for praying for me. I am closer than I was a week ago. Thanks everyone for believing in me, Love, Deb
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    There is no such thing as not praying "good enough." When I begin to pray I always ask the Holy Spirit to help me. Sometimes my prayer goes in an entirely different direction than I had plan when I do this.

    As far as losing your way... We all fall short of the glory of God. Almost everday I do something which I know is not of His will in my life, but I strive to be as David and not take one step farther without asking His forgiveness.

    There is also no such thing as being unworthy of God's love. To say that is saying that Jesus died in vain for us. He was the ultimate sacrafice for all of our failures. Once I felt that way, and God spoke to my spirit and said, "You were worthy enough for me to lay my Son on
    the cross for you."

    Sometimes when I do not know what to pray I just tell God how much I love Him for sending Jesus and how much I love Jesus.

    Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and invite Him into your life, as He will never intrude, but I promise you is standing there beside you for the asking.

    I post a prayer for all of us every night and just go to it and agree. This is the key along with praise. God said where we gather is where He is and to praise Him for all He has done and will do.

    As far as praying pray from your heart, and always speak the scriptures and bring God's word forth in your life. This is what Jesus did when Satan tempted HIm on the mountain.

    Love you,

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    Thank you for your beautiful response to my plea. I read you feeling worthless post earlier. You are good medicine!! You brought tears to my eyes. I will print this and other response's out and use them to guide me through prayer. Thank you so much!!!!!!
    Love, Deb
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    Sweet lady, the Lord hears your prayers no matter how YOU feel about them. Its like the poem 'Footprints in the Sand', when there was only one set of prints, He told the person because HE was carry them, He was there all the time, and is always close to us.

    When I don't feel like praying, or when I pray and it seems the prayers are only going to the ceiling, then I know that its not true, they are hitting Heaven by storm!

    Deb, you lay that fear at His feet, and everytime it comes to your mind, just start praising Him, and calling the devil a lier, thats what I do when I get where you are now.

    We all are simply sinners saved by grace, none of us are super Christian's, if we think we are, then we are fooling ourselves.

    You are just as precious to the Lord as Billy Grahm, or any other preacher, teacher of the Bible you can think of.

    We are all His children, and He loves us equally at all times.

    When we fall and stumble, He is right there to pick up us. All we need to do is ask Him, and that is what you are doing now.

    I have a fear of snakes, I am also afraid of drugs (a whole lot like you are), when I have to take something that I am not sure is going to agree with me, this is the prayer I say; 'Lord, you know that I am afraid of taking this, please dear Lord, bless this medicine, cleanse it, and don't let it hurt me'. I do the same with food, I get so sick off of different foods, that I will pray the same way when I eat.

    As for those snakes, I pray the Lord just keep them in the woods, and not let me see them or let them hurt me, but if they come in my sight I just shoot the darn miserable things.

    Last summer I saw only one snake, it was a grass snake, so I just hosed him off the fence. The Lord was merciful, I did not have to kill any of them. I pray this year will be the same.

    You see, I do understand that terrible fear, and I share your terror with these phobias too.

    I will continue to pray for you, for your walk with the Lord and for your fears. You can pray for mine too. I would appreciate someone praying for me with this as most people I know would think me silly.

    Take care, and let it go and let God, Deb.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    you have made such a huge difference in my life!!!You have nurtured me me in such a warm and caring way, I can't even explain how much it means to me. I am sure the Lord is smiling down on you now.

    I took my fear factor to the lord and it did make a big difference. I not only took the med's I needed, but I didn't stress about it after and waite to catch the side affects like I normally would do.

    For a lifetime (intill recently) I was deathly afraid of thunderstorms. I would see the purple sky coming in and that was all it took. I had to hide under the covers, I wanted everyone on the bed with me to make sure we were safe. I would shake and have trouble breathing. Even worse if I was home by myself. When it was all over I would have the worse colitis known to woman. I finally asked the lord to take that fear away, and he did. AS long as my family is home, I can function pretty normal now and actually look at some of the lightening.

    I would be more than happy to pray for your fears too! Thanks again, and just watch out where you step with those snakes. It is the season again. Have a glorious day.

    Love, Deb