Shazz, try these herbal pills to help sleep!! Works fab!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by givebliss, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. givebliss

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    Ok, so here's the info on the herbal sleeping remedy I just found:

    It's called "Herbal Sleep Well", by Swiss Natural Sources.
    Ingredients are:

    valerian root - 400 mg
    passion flowers - 400 mg
    hops/houblon - 200 mg
    lemon balm herb - 10 mg
    linden flowers - 10 mg

    The maker is Swiss Herbal Remedies Ltd. in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

    I bought it at Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto, Ontario, so I don't know if you can get this in the US, but you could probably find something with similar ingredients. Good luck!

    Bliss out.
  2. givebliss

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    I'm not kidding! But the Effexor really helped with the fatigue and depression (I have CF) .. I still am fatigued, but not to the extent of having to sleep in my car at lunch, thank god! That was brutal! Especially during the winter (which, here, is 9 months of the friggin year!) when it was too cold to do so!

    Yes, these pills do stink a bit .. they come in a bottle, and I don't remember them leaving a smell on my hands, but I handle them quickly. If they did leave a smell, it was nothing that washing my hands didn't solve. Let me know if they help!

    Much bliss!
  3. averilpam

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    I used to work in a wholefood shop and we sold valerian root, the smell was awful!!
    It's a powerful herb. If you use it regularly, break off use for a while every few weeks. It isn't a good idea to just take it every day for ages.

    I use a similar mix to help me get off to sleep sometimes, though it's staying asleep that's my main problem. Sometimes when i'm really stressed I take it during the day just to calm me down!!
  4. Shirl

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    That is powerful amounts of those herbs.

    Valerian does work well for sleep, so do hops. I have one problem, I am allergic to both of them.

    We do have sinilar combinations here in the states with those ingredients.

    What works for me is; ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6). I now sleep 7-8 hours deeply every night.
    First time in a lifetime of being awake better than half the night.

    Glad you found a good combination for yourself. Its so hard to find something that really works for sleep.

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. yes, Valerian does stink, if it does not have that awful odor, it is not fresh. It reminds me of dirty socks.
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  5. debbiem31

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    If you can't find what bliss is talking about here in the USA, the alternative is Revitalizing Sleep Therapy by Enzymatic Therapy. It has almost the identical stuff, with wild lettuce leaf added. It is in the regimen of Dr. Teitelbaum's Energy program.
    Haven't had the money to buy any yet. It's only $10 I think. So many supplements, so little money......
  6. sb439

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    ... but it doesn't taste bad, it tastes a bit like slightly overripe non-sulphured dried apricots, I find.
    I agree one shouldn't take it without occasional breaks (although I should admit I did just that for a year, but now do take breaks).
    There are research studies done on Valerian, and it apparently works as well as over the counter sleep meds for many people. It also seems one cannot overdose on it, as from a certain amount onwards there is no increase in its effect. (Well, I'd still recommend not to try that ...)

    Hops often makes people still feel drowsy in the morning. So if a mixture of herbs has that effect on you, try them individually. Valerian and lemon balm don't produce a hangover effect.

    For me, some brands of Valerian work, others don't, weirdly. I take drops (without alcohol), they seem to work the quickest to get you in that nice drowsy state before you fall asleep.