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    Sorry for the long post! But this may help you.

    <b>"1 - Chronic fatigue evaluation £324.50..... Didnt know there was a test for this"</b>

    There are some lab tests that can help with the question / determination of CFS. The test that your doctor requested may include some, all, or none (?):

    Toxic Chemical Evaluation
    Toxic Heavy Metal Evaluation using a "challenge" technique
    Viral Studies using PCR Technology
    Mycoplasma PCR Evaluation
    2'5A Systhetase System Evaluation
    RNAase Evaluation
    Free Radical Cytokine Evaluation
    Various Immune Studies
    Apoptosis Index
    Cell Cycle Analysis
    Sensitivity And Allergic Evaluation
    Gastrointestinal Evaluations
    Nutritional Biochemical Evaluations
    Oxygenation and Carbon Monoxide Characteristics
    Oxidative Stress Studies
    Hormonal Evaluation
    Intestinal Permeability Characteristics
    Peripheral Nervous System Evaluation (if needed by history)
    Central Nervous System Evaluation (if indicated)


    <b>2 - Glucose tolerance And insulin £279.00 This one is to check for diabetes.</b>


    <b>3 - Haematology and biochemistry with electolytes £34.00</b>

    Most likely one that will be a CBC with differential to show the picture of the blood, a chem panel to measure internal organ functions like kidney and liver, and is interpreted in conjunction with the CBC since the two are so closely related.


    <b>4 - Immunology profile £102.50</b>The profile that your doctor ordered may include all, some, or none (?) of the following:</b>

    Adrenal Antibodies
    Anti-hormone Antibodies
    Autoimmune Panel
    C-Reactive Protein
    Candida Antigen
    Candida Suppression Evaluation
    Chemical Antibodies
    Chemical Exposure Panel
    Chronic Fatigue Immune Study
    CIC (Circulating Immune Complex)
    CMI Test
    Complement Profile (C-3, C-4, CH-50)
    Cytokine Panel
    Edelson Profile
    Edelson Silicone Xenobiotic Profile
    Edelson Xenobiotic Profile
    Thyroid antibodies
    Thyroid Stimulating Immune Globulins
    Thyrotropin Binding Inhibitory Immunoglobulin
    Humoral Immune Status Survey
    Pre-Diptheria Toxoid Antibodies
    Pre-Pneumococcal Antibodies
    Pre-Tetanus Toxoid Antibodies
    IgG subclasses
    Post-Tetanus Toxoid
    Tetanus injection
    Neuropathy Evaluation
    Asialo-Gm, Antibodies, EIA
    GD10 Antibodies, EIA
    Gm, Antibodies, EIA
    Immunofixation Electrophoresis
    MAG Antibodies, IgM, EIA
    Neuronal Nuclear Antibodies, IgM, EIA
    Sulfatide Antibodies, IgM, EIA
    IgG Subclasses
    Immunoglobulins A, G, M, E
    Lymphocyte Immune Function (Mitogen)
    Microflora Immune Competency Test
    Myelin Basic Protein--Comprehensive
    Natural Killer Cell Activity
    Ovarian Antibodies
    Pesticide Exposure Panel
    Secretory IgA
    Sedimentation Rate
    Silicone Antibodies
    Silicone Panel
    Solvent Exposure Panel
    Silicone T-cell study
    T-Cell Subsets
    Intestinal Permeability
    Jejunal Fermentation Test (pH)
    K-390 Profile
    Lipid Peroxide
    Lipid Profile
    Liver Function (Detox)
    Magnesium loading test
    Male Andropause Hormonal Evaluation
    Total Testosterone
    Free Testosterone
    Bioavailable Testosterone
    Prostate Specific Antigen
    MAO Level (Platelet)
    Mercapturic Acid
    Mercury-24-Hour Urine