She is home, now the real work begins

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    Your words meant a lot to me Barbara, thank you. And thank you for going to so much trouble to get them to me. This board has been a great source of strengh and support.

    Basically, the be havioral health center here is it! There were no other choices or I would have seriously considered to change venues.

    Basically, the psychiatrist told us yesterday that she was no longer a threat to herself and he believed really she never was so they released her yesterday.

    You are so right about manipulation, youshould have seen the performance in front of the councelor to get out. Within 2 hours her voice was nasty to me, one "goal" she had for herself and the selfish behavior continues.

    My husband and I are presenting a united front now. That has not always been true. i am guilty of being so tired and worn out by her, that I have givenup on things like getting her to do her chores and be a participating member of this houshold. Well, no more!

    She sees her therapists today and I have a wonderful therapist who specializes in family counceling and adolecents as well. We see her on Wednesday. The facility was explained to me as a Mash Unit. They only stabilize the kids and that is it. It is all insurance will allow anymore. But we have a aftercare plan with good people. She has been seeing a therapist for 2 years on and off and will continue with him only more intensly. I am blessed by God with a great team of peple to help through. As far as the facility, no they were not perfect and they screwed up administratively, but in the end they did their part now we do ours.

    I pray for the strength every day and clarity of mind to handle this. I felt bad in church because one thing I did not do was pray when she was out there on the "ledge" to try and get her down. We will be doing a lot of family prayer now, lesson learned.

    thank you again