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    1/13 post by ljimbo42 in response to Greatgran's post "do we ever get well" -

    I hope ljimbo doesn't mind my posting this. Here's what she wrote:

    "I understand how complicated and confusing trying to treat these illnesses is. I have been disabled since 1989 and spent several years in bed 80-90% of the time feeling miserably sick, exhausted and in pain. In the last year I have improved some, but in the last three weeks my energy has come up dramatically. I use to sleep 12 hours a day or more and still be exhausted,and need to naps throughout the day. Now I rarely take naps sleep 9 to 9 and a half hours a night and my quality of life has increased a great deal.

    What made the biggest change was taking methylfolate and methylcobalamin about 3 weeks ago. I tried to take methylfolate before that several times but even small amounts of 50mcgs would make me sick. I now take 200mcg methylfolate a day and 400mcg folinic acid a day.

    I believe the reason I was able to tolerate the methylfolate this time was because I went on the "FODMAP" diet for small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). That and supplements to heal my gut and kill off the bacterial overgrowth, slowed down the amount of toxins leaking into my system enough for me to tolerate bringing my methylation cycle back up a little.

    So this is what I have done, and am doing and its working very well. I am convinced that leaky gut, intestinal dysbiosis and a partial methylation block are my problem and treating them is the solution. I also believe that these conditions are very common in most people with fm/cfs. A lot of the most successful doctors in the field of fm/cfs treat these condition first and foremost, dr.myhill,dr.De Meirleir and many others.

    I found out after 8 or 9 months of aggressive treatment with supplements that I could not make progress without the fodmap diet. After being on the diet for only about 2 weeks I started to feel noticeably better. After about 4 weeks I was able to tolerate the methylfolate. So after 23 years I am finally getting some noticeable and sustained relief, so its never to late. Good luck to all!

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    This is very inspirational and I have never heard of the FODMAP diet. Looking into leaky gut and the intestinal tract was my next step this has certainly motivated me even more.

    Thank you ljimbo42 for posting your experience and thank you Mary for echoing her post.

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