Sheepwrestler and all, ya all out there

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, May 15, 2007.

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    Hey Sheepy,

    How's the no smoking going?? Are you past two days now??

    Hope all is going well.

    Fight fell off the wagon, but we will encourage her to get back up, dust herself off and try again!!

    Right Hanginthere??!!:0)

    Mother's Day was kinda a boomb around here, just another day with a grouchy husband.

    My youngest saved the day when he snuggled up and said, "I hope you feel like an angel today."

    I'm so sleepy right now, my poor eye don't want to stay open.
    I've been busy working on a new knitting project, a pretty little blanket that's about 1/3 done.

    Take Care all!

    P.S. I guess i only have one eye according to the above sentence! Knew something was weird!! LOL!!!
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    What a charming thing for your youngest to say on Mother's Day! That would have made my day. As for me, I let my self-absorbed mother get to me. I spent the day worrying the flowers I sent hadn't arrived (they didn't last year, and I sure heard about it). But my furkids were very sweet. I wasn't feeling well in the morning and couldn't get up for quite a while. They were very understanding and stayed with me, even though their breakfast was late.

    BTW, your profile pic is great. And I love horses, so it's always a treat to see pics of them!


    You and MSS are so talented! I tried knitting, and really made a mess of it. I even managed to mess up sewing a caftan! I love designing things, and think I'll just stick with that and leave it up to gals like you to actually make them.

    Cute new pet, SW! Took me a while to figure out how to play with it. Fun!

    I do hope you get a decent raise.

    To you, Fight4acure, and Hangininthere--I admire you all for your efforts to stop smoking. It's a hard habit to beat, so don't kick yourselves if you fall off the wagon now and then.

    Got to go and rest my eyes, which do not like the computer. I also hope to meet some people this evening.

    YES! I think the worst of my relapse is behind me!

  3. mezombie

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    Where is everybody?

    How is everybody?

    It must be TGIF for some of you!

    MSS, I hope your family helps out with what needs to be done so you get some much-needed rest this weekend.

    SW, have fun with knitting that lace shawl. And continued good luck with not smoking.

    Fight, I meant to congratulate you on getting those volunteer jobs. It sounds like the organizations were very impressed with you, as they should be!

    Hangininthere, are you still with us?

    And what about you, -Ouch- ?

    I had to cancel my plans earlier this week for a fun evening. I'm still not back to where I was before my relapse, I guess. Geez, all I did was take a shower, change the bed sheets, and change the kitty litter that day! Oh well, live and learn.

    In yet another state of denial, I thought I could manage a half-day at a country vineyard this weekend, LOL. Instead, I'm sticking close to home and will hopefully manage a wine tasting organized by someone in my condo association this weekend. And if the weather is nice and I'm still among the living, I'll check out an outdoor dance performance.

    I'm lucky that there are so many things to do around here, many of them free (well, not the wine tasting...).

    But yes, Sheep, I am feeling better and have been able to catch up on some of the errands and whatnot I wasn't able to do for quite a while. The cats were actually forced to survive on kibble without their daily spoonful of canned food for a time (gasp!). They wasted no time letting me know what they thought of THAT.

    Hugs to all

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  4. morningsonshine

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    Thanks for thinking of me. I think i could be a cat bed today!
    Doing the family thing yesterday really wiped me out, didn't get home until 9:30 plus we all took a walk out in the cow pasture at my parents. At one point my brain complete shut down, i just couldn't think for a moment.

    Sheepy, i posted about yesterday on the worship board under, Scattering Ashes.

    Sorry about your shawl, isn't it just painful to have to rip out stictches that you spent time doing!!!! rip, ouch, rip, ouch!!:0)

    I like your new pet shes adorable, with thos flirty eyes!!

    MeZombie, thanks for sending out SOS for all of us. We haven't heard from Hangin, and Windblade for awhile now!

    I have to do the kittylitter job too, but been too tired. Today it's just me and the youngest, the rest of my family went to an auction. I started giving my cat just alittle bit of canned cat food also, and it's made a monster out of him. LOL!!
    Hope you continue to improve, i personally find changing bed sheets very hard to do.

    Well, hello to everyone, I guess we all take turns coming and going.

  5. morningsonshine

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    I'm so sorry things are tough right now, please try to rest and have peace if possibe. Hope they find the right answers so they can help you.

    Will Pray for you, not sure what your beliefs are but i can post a prayer request for you over on the worship board for you if you would like??

    I know Georgia will pray for you also.

    SW do you mind when we still call you georgia? My brain dosen't want to switch.

    The Pacific Ocean would be a nice place also, I think i like the idea of scattering ashes, instead of being put in a coffin. My mom asked if she should keep some of the ashes for everyone, and i said no, i didn't thing that's what she (grandma) wanted.

    soft gentle hugs,


  6. mezombie

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    Oh, you poor thing! You've really been through the wringer this past week, haven't you?

    I was worried about you when I noticed you weren't posting.

    I do hope that you will get some answers to your problems with all these tests. The thing with MS is that it's not that easy to diagnose. It sounds like your docs want to be sure, and that's a good thing. It could turn out that you don't have it.

    So hang in there, friend. I know this must be an extremely anxious time for you. I hope you can find something to counteract those feelings (listening to soothing music helps me) until your doctors come up with the full picture.

    I will be praying for you, my dear.

  7. morningsonshine

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    We are getting a rainstorm here, but we kinda needed it, pretty dry.

    However, i;m hurting today, wait, i've been hurting all week!:0)

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    I just wanted to pop in and share a pic I know mornin will love it but the rest will like it as well.

    My neighbor has miniture horses. His mare gave birth to a little gray mare a week ago. I put her pic in my profile.

    I have fallen in love already. He has 4 minitures. His brother has a very large horse that my dogs chase down the road when he comes down my road. I am taking the dogs to the horses everday until they get over their fear of them.

    Yesterday poor Twy reminded me of that floor commerical where the dog sees a scarey movie and pees on the floor. I was squatting on her back and hands on the collor and the horse stuck it's news thru the fence to get a bit of grass and sniff of Twy, she turned around and buried her head in my chest. So I guess it will take a little work.

    I hope you like her, it is the smallest horse I have ever seen.

    Ouch I want to say I am glad you finally got an answer about your MRI, so it is MS but it is very treatable, so hang in there.

    SW are you back on the wagon again. I think the sucking or chewing a straw while your using your hands might work.

    Fight sorry you too slid back but these things happen, I quit several times over my 25 years sometimes 2-5 years then start back.

    I would think that the price of smokes is about the same as a gallon of gas. I did do the financial thing when I quit and i used that money towards my Vegas trip.

    Each have to find what works for them and when it is time it will happen. Good luck, and thanks for being here-Carla

  9. morningsonshine

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    Thanks for posting that picture, they are adorable, just sweet.

    I've had a really tough night, so going to go crash on the couch. Just wanted to let you know i saw the picture.



    Sorry for ignoring everyone else, just not up to it right now.
    I'll be back!
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    Can't post much now but wanted to drop in and say Hi and sorry I haven't been more active on this thread.

    Will try to post more tomorrow.