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  1. nickname

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    We're heading for 100 degrees f here in the UK, and one of our daily newspapers ran an article on 20 ways to keep cool. Thought I knew them all, till I got to the end - tip nbr 18 was to put your sheets in the fridge two hours before bed! Well, I'd never heard of this, nor even thought about doing that - good for menopausal night sweats too I should think.

    It tickled me, because I could just imaginge my husband asking where the sheets had gone -looked on the bed, not there, looked in the linen cupboard, not there - oh! of course, they're in the fridge!!! Dementia next stop, I can hear him thinking!!

    Good idea though - am going to remember this for the night sweats when I get them.

    best wishes
  2. tansy

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    just one problem it's too hot to get the sheets off the bed to put them in the fridge! I'm on very slow time, basically not moving any more than I need, at the moment and not looking forward to the peak tomorrow.

    As for others thinking I've finally lost it I'm sure everyone came to that conclusion long ago.


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  3. MoPat

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    When my children were small, I used to put their sheets in the fridge ... particularly during that heat of '76. I never thought of doing that for myself though. Like others have said, way too much work! But if you wear anything in bed, pop that in the fridge. I've done that for myself before now and it does help for a while.

  4. averilpam

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    I remember it well. My daughter was just 3, and ran around naked most of the time - I coped with the heat much better in those days than I do now, I may well try sheets in the freezer!

    pam xx
  5. klutzo

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    Must be global warming for sure. I'd always heard it never got over 75 or so over there! Was I mis-informed?
    One thing I can say for Florida, all the water keeps the temps down. It never goes over 94 where I live, but it stays above 90 for months on end, and that wears on a person. You walk outside and it feels like someone hit you in the face with a shovel.
    I like gel packs in the freezer, placed on my neck, or a cold shower. I need to be really warm to fall asleep, so cold sheets would not be good for me. If I'm even slightly cold, my muscles contract and don't let go and sleep becomes impossible.
    I hope the heat breaks soon over there!
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    PHEW!Getting hot here too. Just might try that if it reaches the point where I can't sleep because it's too hot. Luckily we're on the edge of a forested swamp so some cool air blows in from there. If I go into the business district of town it seems twice as hot because of the heat radiating from the pavement.
  7. 99

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    Gosh, I learn so much in here! The other day I found out there IS such a thing as a full length heating pad, and now frozen sheets- what happens when they defrost, LOL. That could get dangerous:)

    Yeah, I'd LOVE to see hubby's reaction- he'd probably figure that that 'mentalpause' bit is a lot worse than anyone ever said! I already sleep with a heating pad from waist to hips, and a fan on my face...

  8. MoPat

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    I see you are in Leeds. I lived in Leeds from 1970 to 1978. And it WAS a hot Summer in '76. From what I've been hearing on the Beeb and elsewhere, these hot temperatures sound like they will become a regular thing. I can't remember where I saw it, but I read that some butterflies common to the Med have been sighted in Yorkshire. I have to admit that I find it hard to imagine the north of England adjusting to a daily siesta, but CFS sufferers might just vote for it.


  9. tansy

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    Dear Barb,

    Hope you manage your trip to London having already had to postpone it. With both the heat and your allergies you must be feeling pretty fed up with it all. I will think of you tomorrow cos I know how difficult it will be for you.

    Does Dr H identify allergies and desensitise. Mine used to be really bad especially the chemical and environmental ones. The nutritional doctor I saw thought treating the candida would calm them down but realised it would take more than that so referred me onto some one who used Miller sub lingual drops. Didn't solve the problem completely but lessened the level of reactions and, until another downward spiral a few years back, gave me back some semblance of life.

    Well they said it would be hotter today and they were right!

    Take care now


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  10. averilpam

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    whatever next!!

    I've always had difficulty with the heat, now I'm even worse. I'm almost wishing I was at work as there is air conditioning there. I'm in an attic flat and it's like being in an oven

    I was living in a squat in Finsbury Park (London) in the summer of '76.
    We used to set up illegal hosepipe 'fountains' in the streets and the children all ran in and out of the water all day. The water board men would turn up and go crazy looking for someone to blame for all the 'wasted' water!!
    Then we moved to Scotland and spent the winter thigh deep in snow!!
    Pam xx