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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Countrymom, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Countrymom

    Countrymom New Member

    Hi guys,

    I am on Doxy at 400 mg a day for lyme,mycoplasm, and 1 other. I am supposed to start now with the artemisinin.
    Are either of you on that? I was told to take it with grapefruit juice but I can't remember why.

    Next visit I will probably start with samento drops and favmir for the Ebstein Barr virus.

    Not sure if I am herxing, having an immune response or a "flare". I have increased pain, fog, and twitches. My big toe hurts and it feels as if there is a great pressure pushing down on my head and neck.

    Oh yeah, I am pretty irritable too.(hehehe) My hubby comes home on Sunday afternoon. If I can get through tomorrow, I will be okay. The girls will be in sunday school and childrens church for 2 hours on Sunday and hopefully I can concentrate in my class!!

    Not sure how I am going to get to church... maybe all in pj's LOL.

    Thanks for your thoughts ladies. Sorry you have been through so much.

  2. Dalphia

    Dalphia New Member

    Hi Dani,
    Dr. B. began treating me first for Epstein Barr, only recently began Doxy. for Lyme and Mycoplasma. I've been on Arteminin since beginning Famvir for Epstein, along with T Factor. Ghee, guess she is treating us differently even though we have the same things...........doesn't sound as if your herxing is so terrible, beleive me, you wouldn't be attending church if it was one of those horrible herxes..........thank goodness your not experiencing the bad ones since you have the babies to take care of..........

    Good to hear from you, I sent you a couple of emails but they were returned. Apparently, I typed it in my address wrong when Sandy sent your address to me. Perhaps, she can send it to me again.

    God Bless and take care,
  3. auntyemnga

    auntyemnga New Member

    I feel I am so far behind the 2 of you. Honestly, I don't feel any better. I felt worse than better. Dani, when I met you I was going twice a week for iv's and all thru the month of October because I thought that was the thing to do since I had had CFS & FM for so long.
    Hopefully, Dr. B will respond to my e-mail (that I haven't sent yet). I just feel like I'm in limbo.

    Both of you take care,
  4. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    How are you?!
    I hope your big toe is better,that could be gout.I have had that and man it hurts.I twitch when I am very tired.The pressure in head and neck sounds familiar but I think all FM pain is odd and so random you never know what or where it is gonna be.
    We haven't attended church in awhile due to my daughters severe anxiety problems but let me tell ya,I don't miss the running around Sunday morning getting everyone dressed and out the door.But then again my girls are 20 ad 14.I can see me trying to brush their hair and putting big pink bows on top of their heads.My youngest Carrie would have a cow.She is a tomboy.
    You are so sweet to send a message out to me.That just brightens my day.Sorry it took me so long to get back with you.Remodeling daughters bedroom for Christmas.It is gonna be so comfy.We painted the walls brown and staining the wooden floors a dark brown.We want to tone down the room and make it very earth tone.We are building rustic beds for them.Their headboards have large tree branches that go up to the ceiling and then come out over their heads like a canopy.Our family loves the outdoors and bringing the outdoors inside is something we love to do.
    Anyway ,I hope to keep in touch better than I have.
    I hope the meds. help out and you get to make it to church in your pj's.LOL
  5. Countrymom

    Countrymom New Member


    Your daughters room sounds amazing. I got such a chuckle trying to picture you running after them brushing their hair and putting big pink bows in it!!

    That is exactly what I do to my kids, only they are 2 and 3!! Boy they wear me out. My big one is sick today, so we will be staying at home in our pjs. I can go to church tonight by myself. Guess I will have to put clothes on by then!!

    We are having our Christmas cantata tonight. Should be wonderful.

    Have a Merry Christmas!


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