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    Cushings is so rare that it took 3 years for a definite diagnosis.They wanted to do surgery in Nashville tenn. at Vanderbilt Hospital.BUT said radiation might work BUT if it didn't the surgery could not be done after radiation.

    Radiation makes the tissues so irritated.My daughter could be blind due to radiation but has no sight loss.

    Depression is just a part of the illness.High blood pressure is too.

    My daughter had hair loss on top of her head.High blood pressure.Weight gain from her shoulders to her buttocks and in her face. A hump in her neck they refer to as a elephant hump.

    She didn't have periods for 3 years.she had hair growing on her face,back and the back of her arms like a man.

    Her body produced 8 times the amount of male harmones it was supposed to make.

    When she laid down on her bed, her body resembled the wave in a water bed.She went from sleeping 3 to 5 hours a night to staying up 2 hours a day after treatment.

    Did you know that this illness only affects the smart,productive,inteligent people.

    At 18 my sweet daughter was deciding what treatment she was to have to have a life if she lived, while others were choosing a college to go to.

    She lost her hair on both sides of her head where the radiation went in. I will never forget that day. She stood in front of her mirror in her bedroom,it was directly across from the bathroom where I was. i heard say Oh!Mama it's happening. She stood there with a brush full of her long beautiful hair hanging from it.

    She is married,happy,productive. She has to pace herself but she has a normal life. Try not to get bitter or angry. Try to always have a positive word to say. If one doesn't come to you, be silent. I'm not being bossy, but I've been there and your attitude and those around her makes a difference in her recovery.Much love, atiledsner

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