Sheila1366 , I have a ? please.

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    Sheila,hello hope you are feeling well today.
    Pretty new here and just looking to find someone with some of my odd symptoms and see what they are doing for relief.
    I noticed your post on headaches and then a post on a lymph node lump under your arm and well if you do not mind my asking you a couple things ,I would so much appriciate.
    I have many body pains but my worst is on the right side of my face/head/neck.Do you have some trouble swollowing and feel pressure there and on the floor of your mouth? Do you have swelling in your neck a lot and along with the enlarged lymph node under the arm? And are they all on one side of your body.
    Now most of my symptoms are common for FM except for the swelling ( I think).Or am I wrong does swelling go with FM.Any insite from you or anyone would be great.
    Thank you for your time.