Shelbo would a second opinion help?

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    Hi Shelbo

    We know that GET programmes make many PWME worse; even more infuriating for you you personally is you are being patronised when expressing legitimate concerns. The explanations you have been given illustrate they are only concerned about fitting the patients to their funtional somatic disorder and deconditioning theories, and not acknowledging ME at all.

    I am currently having physiotherapy (PT), the PT has already told me I absolutely must not do the very exercises that made my pain and muscles a lot worse many years ago. He does not have a good understanding of the physiological changes in ME but he quickly recognised the rapid onset muscle fatigue and weakness. He told me anything that does not work should be ditched, and stated in his years as a PT he has never known a one size fit all working for everyone whatever he might be treating. This PT wants to minimise my pain not make it worse, if it gets worse I am to stop what's causing it and we'll discuss other options. All this, and his recommendations, highlight differences between my current PT Tx and your GET programme.

    The reason I mention this is because whilst the Liverpool set up is obssessed with the Wessely School's hypotheses there is a good rheumatologist in Manchester who accepts ME is a real and physical illness. There isn't much he can offer through the NHS atm due to current policies, but if its your allowances you are concerned about losing if you drop out of GET, then a second opinion from him should put it all into a different perspective. I seem to recall you have FM as well, if so a referral to a rheumatologist would seem a reasonable request.

    The rheumy I am referring to is -
    Dr Martin Pattrick, North Manchester General Hospital.

    Since GET is making you worse you have good grounds for requesting a second opinion on what is causing your symptoms.

    love, Tansy
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    hoping it will make it to your intended


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