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    Hi Shelbo

    Just wondering how things are for you and your Mum. I've had you much in mind, heart and prayers since your posting about your Dad.

    I also wondered if you got to your Harvest celebration with the kids doing their prayers and, if so, how it went?

    Most of all though, how are you? (If you don't want to reply I'll understand but it would be good to hear from you.)

    Love and prayers
    Music Teacher (UK)
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    in the hopes Shelbo will see this and respond.

    Music Teacher (UK)
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    Good to hear from you...things are hard right now.....I think things have been made worse by the fact that as soon as the weather gets cold enough to warrant heating being on all my symptoms become much more headaches become even worse, I get burning eyes, face pain, neck pain, chills, muscle pain and fatigue all increasing by about 85% and I'm bad enough to be off work before this increase.
    Of course, I am really, really missing my dad so much...he had his faults etc as we all do but he was basically a wonderful dad and never ever failed to ask how I was every single day, no matter how he was feeling himself. The house feels very different without him. Mum is finding it extremely hard and of course she worries about me too.
    Thank you for's so good to know some one's praying for you when you feel too unwell and too down to pray as normal. Please continue to keep me and my mum in your prayers (there is a lot of financial stuff to be sorted and we are not exactly sure where we stand with the house etc). I would really appreciate it if you pray for me to improve if it's only to be more of a help to my mum. I have an appt with the Specialist on Fri 22nd.
    The children did so well at Harvest and I think they understood the message...they're a special bunch -thanks for your help.
    Thanks Music Teacher,

    Love and God bless, Shelbo
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    Thanks for replying - although things are hard for you at present it is still good to know how you are.

    You and Mum are on my prayer list and will remain so open-ended.

    Assuring you of my love and a big hug across the Atlantic!

    Glad to hear the Harvest went well too!

    I hope you know God's love for you and your Mum and his comfort at this time.

    Music Teacher (UK)