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    Sheri, I decided to start a new thread because I didn't know if you'd notice my response otherwise. Our exchange is reprinted below since it's been a while.

    Great Smokies can tell you if you have yeast as well as many other things, including the amount of healthy flora you have in your vagina -- important for vaginal health.

    If you have yeast (candida), you should be avoiding yeast products like breads and also fermented or mold based foods like olives, wine, beer, cheese, mushrooms, pickles. Yeast, when widespread throughout the body, can contribute to your aches and pains and fatigue. Do a "candida" search on this website and you'll find a lot to read.

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    Sheri, your doc can order the Great Smokies lab kit -- he/she will have to do the cultures for you -- kinda hard to stick a long swab up there yourself! -- and mail it in. Be prepared: it's not cheap. But through this testing I found that I have persistent strep (!) vaginally, although I've never had a strep throat in my life. Penicillin is what works on strep; the other ABX don't -- so this information was important to me. Also, knowing that I have vaginal strep was a crucial clue for my rheumy. So it's worth doing.

    Hope it all works for you!



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    Thank you ....
    I learned a lot from this post from you and I hope others read it too...I just read it to my husband...we had never heard of the strep bacteria in the vaginal area causing beacterial infections or that there were so many kinds of bacteria..In 20 years of seeing a well know gyn doctor they have never once tried to identify the bacteria with a culture and help me, nor have the other four gyn doctors I have seen, and the infectious disease doctor's lab lost my culture for yeast after paging them 350.00 and I had to pay to have another culture done and sent to them, and pay the gyn to do it...too..
    Then the infectious disease doctor says, I have no yeast problem...back when I was being treated for 2 years for chronic yeast..It does get trying...YIKES...
    well I suppose the great smokies lab kit will be 250.00 and then have to pay my gyn to do it...So I will be saving up if I don't get better soon.. Thanks Sheri

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