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  1. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Thought it was time for a new thread ladies... hope you agree!?!? The other is getting rather lengthy.

    It's been soooo nice here this weekend!!! Everyone is out and about... got the ragtops down. Out walking or playing! I've been trying to enjoy it as well!!

    I am feeling better than i did Friday. Think I over did it on Thurs. cleaning. We had friends over for dinner Sat. night... stayed up late talking, drinking, laughing. etc. We got up late and went to brunch at one of our favs. by the lake... it was nice to sit outside and feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breeze!! Then went to get groceries and to the health store!... by the way i do take Sea Vegg! That is a greens supplement. I know things are starting to work for me. This is the best PMS EVER!!! Even hubby commented about it. I didn't even feel this well during pms before i technically got really ill! So, there is definitely, something to what we are doing!!!

    Have you guys heard of Arnica Gel or Cream? I got some at the health food store... The only things thats been really bothering me the last couple of days is this stabbing pain i get in my shoulder blades. It literally feels like someone is following me around stabbing me with a knife! It even hurts when i breath. I don't always have it, as in constantly... but, man when i do... it is the most painful thing! Up till now, NOTHING had touched this particular pain. Hubby rubbed it on, and i hadn't even put my shirt back on before the pain was noticeably gone!! It doesn't smell or get cold or hot like other products either!! Which i just LOVE!!!

    I also got my Aloe and Lemon juice... so, i'll be starting that in the morning! And i started the Echinacea w/ Astragalus this week... so far no detox! Knock on wood! I really think the cherry juice is helping! Which i've been on one week now!! Amazing!

    Sheryl~ Yeppers! Leo babies... missed your b-day by a day!!... I think this DD is harder on us Leo's! Honestly i do... b/c we are so darn prissy... LOL... will, i am anyway... LOL

    Did you find anything at the flea market?? I haven't been in ages... none of my friends here are really into that sort of thing... i don't even think we have any close by. But, i love it... and miss it. Some times i drag hubby to a yard sale, and he just moans and groans the whole time, so thats not very enjoyable. LOL*

    Linda~ I'm glad you and your family made the time change!
    It doesn't matter how prepared i am for it, always throws my body for a loop de loop!!... Hope your legs/feet are feeling better and you got some rest!

    Talk soon!


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  2. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    When you get into multiple pages it gets annoying.

    Sounds like you've had a great weekend. I mostly worked! Legs and feet still swelling. Have been told by docs that it is caused by my anemia. Doesn't make much sense to me.

    I have heard of arnica, but never used it. If it helped you that fast I'm getting some. My arms and lower legs hurt me the most. Last year I started getting a terrible pain between my shoulder blades. I thought it was related to the FM, but turned out to be my gallbladder. I didn't realize it could hurt between shoulders. Once my gallbladder was removed, the pain went away.

    I love flea markets too. We have a few here and it's enjoyable on a nice day when you have a bit of extra money. I like to go with no particular thing in mind, just looking. There is this thing called the World's Longest Yard Sale that takes place every year. It goes through at least four states, KY, TN, GA, AL. My mom and dad live one mile off the main road it runs on. It's fun to hit a few miles but there are some people who rent U-Hauls and try to go from one end to the other. It is several hundred miles.

    Have a good night. I'm trying the arnica for sure!

  3. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I agree that post was getting rather long...But I did post on it...LOL..so I will just copy and paste it here...So ignore that one..LOL

    How was your guys weekend???

    Mine was good..busy...but good..

    I am really bummed...I had to give back all the Nikken stuff to my friend and I am already feeling worse..I am going to go ahead and order stuf...It is going to cost me alot of money but seeing the way I could feel everyday has me sold on it..It was great to feel good..

    I did a mistake though being gone all weekend I eat all the wrong things...and now I am paying for it...I look about 5 months pg..my stomach is sooo bloated...so uncomfortable..

    Hope you guys are feeling better...

    eeyoreblues02...How are the legs?? Did you use your magnets?? Good thing you found out about the time change..LOL..My Mom didn't know it either...Don't it seem early this year???

    tm...Glad that you are seeing to difference!!! Isn't it great??!! I was seeing change to! I have drank the cherry juice for a long time...maybe a year..I love it..and it does help..Along with all the other stuf too...LOL..I feel like that is all I do is pop pills..LOL

    And I have used the arnica gel forever...It is really great stuff...You can also get arnica tablet...YOu need to find where you can get them like 200cc...They would be great...I am going to order some...My sister in law tells me I need them...She gets hers online at smallflower dot com...something like that...try to find it...It would really help..

    Your're right about this being harder on us leos!!...I just have to have everything so darn perfect!!! It drives me crazy!!...But I think alot of here are that way too... Terrible!

    I didn't get much at the flea market...I go to Trader Joes when I go there and stock up...The flea market is about 1 hour and 15 min. away for me...So I only go once a month..It is my day to go and get away...I do enjoy it...but this weekend everywhere I went was a zoo and was driving me crazy...I don't like it when it is soo busy..

    Well my sons floor is down...It is 8in pine plank boards...Now I am going to distress it and stain it...Then we will have to seal it...I can't wait! Hopefully it will look old when I am done...LOL..I like old stuff..

    Well I wrote a book!! Hope you guys are up for reading..LOL
  4. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    a place where you can buy the supplements we take? I have heard of it but there are not any of them close to me. I hear a lot about Whole Foods also and we don't have one of those around here either.

    Oh, and Sheryl, I'm still wearing sandals so not shoe inserts! Does Nikken make a magnetic anklet? I'm sure someone out there does.

  5. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Yeah... i was getting annoyed with other long one... i wish there was an easier way to back out of them too! I hope we will be happy here in our new home... hehe! ; )

    Sounds like everyone had a good weekend... sorry to hear your still swollen though Linda!! ((( gentle hugs ))) to you!! I really hope soaking in the E.O.'s will help you with that!! I think they will!

    Sheryl ~ That sucks about returning all your Nikken stuff! I'm going to have to google this! Especially since the necklace helped your neck and the bracelet helped Linda... i could use both of those!! They've got to have an ankle bracelet!??... could you not use the reg. bracelet on your ankle?

    I know what you mean about feeling bloated!!... This morning was the first real breakfast i've had in six weeks, since starting the shake!!! But, it was soooo worth it! You got to every once in a blue moon!... This just happened to be my blue moon!! Eggs Benedict w/ smoked salmon... yummmy!!!

    I saw the Arnica pills too, but wasn't sure about them... especially since i had never tried the cream or gel. Have u tried the pill Sheryl??? They had them here at Whole Foods... We have a Trader Joes also... but, i've never been in there. I guess i should go!! LOL*

    More later....

  6. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Sheryl~ The time change IS early this year!!! It was done to entice consumers to stay out and shop longer! Working???... speaking of shopping!... you never emailed me!... you really do NEED to email me! I gave yall my email in our last thread!

    Linda~ I'd love to know more about this "Worlds Largest Yard Sale"!!!.... actually, i think that was mentioned in the movie Elizabethtown. When does it happen, and how long does it last???

  7. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Well I can tell that I don't have my necklace or the long johns anymore...I was uncomfortable all night...:(

    Trader Joes is like a whole foods store...It doesn't have a lot of supplements...I only buy food when I go...But the prices are really reasonable...

    The arnica pills I have never taken yet...I am planning on geting some..But the ones you would get at the store are only like 30c...and the ones you can order are 200c...So if you do get the pills that are only 30 you would have to be taken them all the time...

    My SIL has used arnica forever...I am going to order the 200c here soon...

    Linda..I don't think Nikken makes an ankelet...You could get the necklace and use it as a necklace when your neck is bad and then maybe wrap it around your ankle a couple times when your legs are bad...

    Nikken also has this cream that I use along with the arnica...It's called CM cream...It is an anti-inflamitory...It is great..That has really helped my neck and my TMJ...

    I am going to have to spend about $800 to get everything that I want to get...but I think it will be worth it...I do believe I will no longer need to go to the dr. anymore..YAY! So I will save money in the end...

    But I am going to get the water system...necklace..long johns (they are far-infarred..wonderful)..and some supplements..In fact I think I am just going to do all my supplements through them except my garlic...I will keep you guys posted on how it goes..

    Tm...I must have missed your e-mail address somewhere...ANd you are are right about the time change...I didn't get home last night till like 7 from shopping...LOL..Every place I went this weekend was a zoo!!

    Linda...Those sales sound like so much fun..I would have a hay day!!

    Hope you guys have a great day!!

  8. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Today is my daughter's birthday so I am feeling old. She is 26. Not much younger than you guys. We're taking her out to a Japanese hibachi style restaurant for her birthday. There are several in town and she usually picks a different one each year for us to take her to. Her hubby doesn't like it so much and her birthday is always a good excuse to get to go without him being able to complain!

    Sheryl, I think the Nikken products are probably superior to many others out there. They are so expensive, but, yes, worth it. I would have to buy only a few things at a time instead of the whole list of things I want. Do you know how much the necklace costs? I need to get in touch with the lady I bought my other stuff from. She lives in another state and I have lost her phone number. I can call her stepdaughter and get it.

    I was looking for magnetic anklets online and did find some, but I was wondering if they would be as good as Nikken. They were cheaper. I guess I could get one and if it didn't really work I could still wear it for looks! I found some necklaces that were supposedly for golfers to improve their game. The prices went up to $799!

    TM, the sale starts in June very soon after school is out for summer. It is supposed to last from Friday to the following Saturday, eight days, but it has been starting on Wednesday the last couple of years adding two days to it.

    I'll let you know when I hear more about it. You can buy anything from furniture to antiques to personal care products to cars and appliances. I usually go to the town where my parents live and we'll get in the car and park kind of in the center of town and start walking. There are lots of food and drink vendors also. I remember one year there was a vendor with brand new children's clothing. The pageant dresses were around $15. They were the same brand as the ones in stores that sell for $100. My sister has three girls so that's why I look at things like that. I did pick up a brand new pair of pj's for one of her girls for her birthday. They were five bucks.

    I've also gotten a few antique knicknacks such as a silver candleholder for I think $7. Last year I bought a tapestry which was framed and I have it hanging in my kitchen right now.

    For those who are serious you will have to rent a U-haul. There are people who tell me they make the majority of their income for the entire year at this one week of setting up shop. I see license plates from Washington State to New York to Florida and Texas. The hotels are full of out of towners who drive in for it.

    It would be a wonderful trip for you, Sheryl, to satisfy your flea market cravings! Plus, the route that it takes is very scenic.

    I should be receiving my green food supplement and my milk thistle and dandelion combo this week. I think I'll start the milk thistle and dandelion first and take it for at least a week before I start the green food. That way I'll know what is causing a herx if one happens.

    I have to get back to work. I haven't even had my shower. Hubby took our son to school this morning.

  9. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    The necklace is $150.00 from Nikken...You can get it in gold or platinum...

    If you were interrested...We would have to figure out a way to discuss it other than on this site..

    I know the stuff if expensive...but I feel like crap today without it all...

    The supplements are wonderful as well..I have my whole family on some of it..And some of my friends are really interrested..

    I like how natural the stuff is and the way it is processed...Makes a huge difference..

    Take Care....and go get a shower for heavens sake!!!LOL
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  10. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    Gals...Ladies.... your not really guys, huh? LOL*

    Sheryl~ Nikken has long johns too? How does that work??? I tried to find a website to look at their products last night, but that was like searching for needle in haystack! Even when i found a site for them, it wouldn't let me look at products!... I did found lots of other magnet companies though!... Saw a neck wrap that i REALLY want!!! You can use it on your legs, or arms too. It was only $20. I also saw some carpal tunnel wraps for your wrist... be good to wear while on the computer or around the house!??

    I dont understand how the water thing works!?? Are you really supposed to drink it? And what are the benefits of doing so? I don't drink tap water... so, it's probably not for me anyway- huh?

    Linda~ Those hibachi grill restaurants are so much fun! I haven't been able to go like we used to b/c of the migraines. The banging on the grill... the blazing fire shows, etc... to much!... It's soooo not fair the things migraines rob you of!!! : ( I hope you guys have fun!!!

    So, when does school let out these days??? JUNE???? My god! I can't keep up! When i was in school, we got out the week before July 4th! LOL*.... NOW i feel old! LOL*

    Gosh! That just sounds like soooo much fun!! Hubby would just die if i made him do that!!! But, i don't know anyone else who would be up for it... and/or traveling with me in this condition!!!??? Next year maybe better anyway.... perhaps by then i REALLY be feeling good!!??!!??

    Have a good afternoon!

  11. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Sheryl, I did take a shower! I would love to have a Nikken necklace. Actually $150 is a bit cheaper than I had expected. I thought it might go over $200. If we could go into the chat room we could probably exchange e-mail addresses.

    TM, just got back from the hibachi restaurant. My daughter's friend was with us and she had never been to one before. Watching her was as much fun as watching the chef. My brother's nine-month-old son watched with big eyes and never got scared or anything.

    School lets out around May 27 this year I think. If you do get to go I know you'll have fun as long as your health can stand it. We could probably even find someone selling the magnetic jewelry. I saw the neck wrap that you saw. It didn't appear bulky at all and you could wear it all day and it didn't look like it would be bothersome. I think some companies are probably not selling magnets that are of the best quality though. Nikken has a lousy website. If you look to the right of the home page there are some links you can click on and then choose different items to look at. There are NO prices or anything though. I think they want you to talk to a rep in person.

    I don't remember the name of the website, but there was one that sold a magnetic "stick" that you stir in your water and it is supposed to magnetize the water and give you the benefits. Seems a bit odd, but who knows? I wonder if I could magnetize my morning coffee? Magnetic Starbucks. Might be a good idea there! There were many necklaces out there that looked nice, and cost under $50. If Sheryl is missing hers as bad as she is, maybe we need to look into it.

    Have either of you ever seen a giant 7-day pill organizer that we could get our big ole horse pills in? It would be so much easier than opening the bottles every day. My wrists still hurt from the carpal tunnel and I know that sounds wimpy, but opening the bottles wears me out. Even the ones that are not child proof.

    Good night,

  12. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Went on e-bay and typed in Nikken. There are 15 necklaces up for bid right now. If you're willing to go through the hassle, that might be a good way to get what we want for less money. Most of them are sitting at $50 and below right now.

  13. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I love my arnica gel. It is amazing how the pain is going or gone before you even get your shirt back on or sleeves rolled up again.

    I did try the arnica pills and they were no good for me. but that is probably because I'm lactose intolerant. I just felt funny in the head and got really bloated. so beware if you are lactose intolerant of any homeopathics in pill form.

    I tried a different brand of arnica gel than the A.Vogel brand I usually use. It's by Boiron. It's a bit cheaper and spreads a bit better, having more of an alcohol base, rather than the methylcellose that the A. Vogel has, seems to work just the same. Right now the Boiron brand has a promo and includes a little bottle of the 80 arnica pills too. If you can find that brand, it's a good way to try the pills for free.

  14. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    I'm definitely trying the arnica gel. You guys definitely make it sound wonderful.

  15. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I'm so glad that the arnica is working so good for you...It surely helps me too..

    I have seen the free pills with the gel..but those are only 30c...My sister in law who has used homeopathy for years says to get them in a 200c..Then you don't have to take some many so often..

    But you said you can't take them...That is a bummer...
  16. SherylD

    SherylD Guest


    I did look on ebay...don't tell the lady who has been having me try all this stuff...LOL

    I just worry to spend that kind of money and it not be right for some reason...It just makes me nervous..Then you can't send it back..

    If you would want to figure out a way to talk more about it we could...I could even ask this lady that I talk to about things..Let her know what you are having problems with and such..She could give me an idea as to what would help you..

    I am going to a gettogether tomorrow to try to get more info on everything...I am looking forward to going..

    I know their website stinks...but It really is only though people you know..and by word of mouth..They must want to keep it that way...

    Hope you are feeling good tonight...

    My neck is hurting..and my stomach is soooo bloated again..Don't know what has done it..I think I have been cheating a little here and there or something...I didn't think I have been but I get so hungry and I have to eat something..

    Take Care..
  17. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I just switched probiotics the other day...And my stomach has been bloated ever since...Maybe it was to soon to go off the threelac???

    I was trying to save a little money..

    Do you guys think that is what is going on with my stomach?
  18. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I think that's what it is. But you'll know for sure if you go back on Threelac and the bloating stops right away. I think it was too soon for you to go off, you weren't w/it for that long and you seemed to have a severe, long term problem.

    I still take Primal Defense, also expensive, but not as much as Threelac I think. For me it's not expensive at all, because I only take it every week or two for several days, and I still get the benefits. I only take 1 once dose a day and use my other probiotics the rest of the day.

    Have you checked to see if your prob. is a non dairy source. That could be your problem too.

    You might want to get Cal'dophilus by Natural Factors as your backup. It's very economical, has 4 strains + FOS and is very strong. It does different things for me than Primal. It's excellent for bloat, indigestion, and works like a digestive enzyme too. I can also use them vaginally for yeast infections, because they aren't enteric coated. Even though enteric is supposed to be better, these are stronger than others that are. I also use Jarro-dophilus from Prohealth which is enteric coated.

    Oh, and eat your nasty yogurt, that will help your bloat. Find a brand you like better, like Astro balkan style, it's higher fat, tastes way better and is very creamy. I gag on some brands too, esp. low fat ones, they are vbery bitter.

  19. SherylD

    SherylD Guest


    I picked up the acidophylis(sp) pearls...I am not sure if they have dairy..I didn't look..

    I love the threelac..but it cost so much and I have been giving it to my son and seeing great results with him too...But think of the cost of 2 of us on it...

    I have been eating the yogurt...I don't have a problem with the taste at all...

    I have a problem with corn too...So I don't know if I have just ate to many things with corn in it???...It is in about everything!

    I have thought about taking a digestive enzyme...I just really need to watch what I eat...

    I get it uder control...then I feel better...then I eat something I shouldn't...Plus I am still in a trial mode...not really sure yet what I can and cannot eat..

    Plus I am finding I have a problem with MSG...So try eating stuff that don't have corn or MSG Or Sugar in them..Not much to choose from...it stinks as I'm sure you know all about..

    Thanks Jeanne! I will have to check out what you are talking about..Something is bound to help..

    What do you mean by ...enteric coated with the probiotics??
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  20. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    You all have been busy over the past couple hours.... i gotz some catching up to do here!!!

    Linda~ How are your legs hun? Has the swelling gone done?
    Sounds like just a delightful time at the hibachi grill!!... Do they serve "yummy-yummy sauce" there??? It's always fun to take and watch people who have never been to those before! And thats awesome about the baby... i mean him not getting scared and all!! What a sweetie!

    I can't believe school lets out a WHOLE month now before it used to when i was going!!... So, the Yard Sale thing is like around the first week or two of June...?!?! I would sooo love to go!!

    I didn't see that magnet stick to stir water... i saw magnets that you put on your pipe lines. Might be a good idea for the shower or bath!???!! I also saw this thing (necklace) to propel magnet waves... ie. cell phones, tv, radio towers, etc.... i thought that was a very cool idea! Wonder how well that really works!!???

    I saw "A" 7 day pill organizer at Bed Bath & Beyond... i don't know about the giant part! LOL*.... or i would have been all over that like bee's on honey!! That still maybe the way to go... and just get several of them!!???... Another tip i saw on one of the post is to use an old egg carton... cut off the top, and just use the bottom part which holds the eggs. ( or leave the top on... your preference ) The tip was really for taking multiple pill throughout the day... say like, if you take a particular pill 3x a day. You can set up your tray and even right the times on the sides, and leave a note book/journal beside it on the counter.

    I woke up crying this morning from a bad dream!!!! It gave me the worse headache!!!! Plus i had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders... so, i took one of my new Tylenol #3. It took my headache away in about 10 mins and eased the tension!!! Usually, with those kind of headaches... i would just have to suck it up ALL DAY LONG!!!

    I had been trying to treat those kind with over the counter things like reg. Tylenol... and then Dr. said they were probably low grade migraines so i should take my Imitrex. But, neither never touched the pain... so, i'd just be miserable all day. A lady hubby works with took it while she was pregnant for her migraines... so, we figured it must be pretty safe!!! Sheryl, i was thinking you may want to talk to your dr. about this too, for the kind of headaches you've been having!.... Lately, my Imitrex pills haven't been working for my migraines. So, he gave me a sample of the Imitrex nasal spray. I'm curious to see how that works... not that i want a migraine any time soon!!!!!

    Sheryl~ I would defiantly go back to your other probiotic and see how that does your stomach! You should know pretty quickly.... we both got off our routines this weekend... my stomach has been rolling girl!!!!... but, things are moving!! LOL*

    More later~


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