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    Hope all of you girls are having a good morning. I overslept, woke up with a migraine and caused my son to be late for school. Then hubby left the door open to the sun porch and I found my 17-year-old kitty cornered by the husky and lab. That nearly gave me a heart attack. She was mostly just pissed off, not hurt.

    Hoping my day will get better.

    Stormy, I had been taking most of my supplements in the evening and I saw where you posted that it is better to take them earlier in the day. Thanks to you, once again, I am doing something better.

    Sheryld, we're all waiting for the picture of your son's room. I want to see his name in the floor. I think that is so neat. I imagine 100 years from now someone looking at that and wondering about the family who lived there at one time.

    TM, hope you have everything together for your trip. Make your husband leave early enough to make frequent stops or you'll wind up with swollen legs and feet. Do you have any anxiety pills to take when you're facing a rough time? I have Ativan and it really calms me down when I get all freaked out about something.

    I have work to do. Hope all of you are feeling good today. My migraine is gone. Hubby brought my meds to me before I even got out of bed. I think that helped. My son brought me a form to sign and I didn't have my reading glasses on. He was laughing at me. Said I signed my name right over some other writing! He said he'd explain it to his teacher. Oh, the joys of getting old!

    Have a wonderful day,

    Linda :eek:)
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    Tmprincess New Member

    I spoke to soon : (
    Last night i got a migraine that just wouldn't quit! I tried the new Imitrex nasal spray (YUCK!... taste horrible and feels like cotton in your throat!)... that worked about 2 hrs, and then was back with a vengeance!! Had to take 2 Tylenol 3's. Still have one this morning, along with heavy cramping! I feel so weak and fatigued, i just want to crawl back into bed. Unfortunately, i still have soooo much to do and don't foresee that happening!!!

    Linda~ Sorry your hurting too! Hope you feel better soon!
    We will most definitely be leaving early and making frequent stops! I'm taking my yoga mat and fitness ball to do stretches on at the rest areas so i don't get to cramped! I'll try to keep my feet elevated on top of the cooler some too ; ) I do have some Valuim i'll take with me just incase!! It was left over from some procedures (epidurals) i opted not to have.

    Sheryl, where are you hun? Hope you are feeling better!... and hope you are not pushing your self to hard around there to get that room done! I know how it is when your house is upside down and you want it done like yesterday!... Remember to breath! :)

  3. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Are you okay? It's not like you to go all day without posting.

    Hope all is well.

  4. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I am here...

    I've had a couple really stressed out days...Not good..

    To start with...I started my period from h*ll....The PMS alone was just torture so I new it was going to be a waamy...So I have just been exhusted...but so stinkin busy that I can't rest..My butt is draggin..

    Yesterday I had to work all day...I could barley hold my arms up to cut everyones hair..

    Today I fell just terrible...I got a really bad headache this morning and then this afternoon I started getting pains in my stomach...And I am just so swollen..i just felt really out of it..

    Then last night I decided to try to not wear my splint for my TMJ...big mistake...I'm sure that's where my headache came from today...

    But the thing that bothers me most is how bloated my stomach is...It has been sooo huge for about a week...Very uncomfortable..THis months PMS just killed me...bloated to the max...and my breast are just huge and sooo sore...I was thinking for a second I was pg or something(god..what a terrible thought..I would die)I just haven't had it this bad since I started the shake...

    Then I got a e-mail from my sons teacher yesterday that he is having a hard time again...that was very upsetting...So I go next week for a conference...

    We had a talk with him last night and that did not go well at all...He he got in big trouble..Then when I put him to bed I had a long talk with him and he told me things that I didn't know he felt..

    He has a really hard time reading and he has never said much about it so I don't really want to hound him with it...but now he told me last night how much it bothers him to not be able to read...and how nervous he is about everything with school...He just sobbed...and so did I...It just breaks my heart soooo bad...I feel completely helpless..

    And to top things off...His floor in his room is a mess...The sealer will not dry...It is still tacky and you can't sand it or anything....My husband is just sick...He has so much time in it..and now he is probably going to have to strip the whole thing...

    Sorry to unload...But I feel like crap!! I think I need to go shopping...
  5. eeyoreblue02

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    I am so sorry to hear all the problems you're going through. I hate that the floor is not drying as it should. Is there anything that can be done like using a heater or something on it? I don't know. Just wondering.

    I don't know how on earth you can spend even one day cutting hair. It kills me to raise my arms to hang clothes or clean above doorways. I can only do a little bit at a time. If I overdo it, I'm useless for the rest of the day.

    Try the Therma Care patches for the cramping with your period. They work. I've used them on my back and wrists also.

    My son had not been a very good reader until I started going to the library with him every day after school. I got him interested in Beverly Cleary books. They were written in the '50s and nothing like today's books. They're fun to read. I sat down with him and read to him for about 20 pages. Then I handed him the book and told him to read. He fell in love with reading that day. Now we go to the library together at least three days a week and spend as much as two hours together reading. I still read to him sometimes. He says he loves it when I do that so I can't turn him down. Yes, it's time consuming and I'd rather be doing other things sometimes, but all in all it's a great way to bond with him and he's benefiting so much. His teacher has raved about his improvement.

    I hope you have a much better day tomorrow.

  6. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    We do have a heater in there...It is as hot as can be...Still not drying...

    We do go to the library...He won't pick out any books or anything when we go...I have to pick them all out...But I will look for the ones you talk about..

    It is really time consuming...I get just as frustrated as he does...It's so hard..

    I do not sit down all day...I can't...I am in serious pain if I do...So I just keep on going till I crash..So for me to sit and listen to him is torture...My pain level goes up, up, up..The pain is from sitting still and it is very painful for me to listen to him struggle so bad...I feel like a huge failure...
  7. Tmprincess

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    Gosh! You would think we lived together or something with us being on the same cycle... and our headaches/migraines!! LOL*

    My dr is not going to be very pleased with me taking all this Tylenol 3... but, it sure has been helping my headaches!!

    Sheryl~ I am so sorry to hear about all the pain and stress you are under! I really don't see how you can do hair all day long!!... i've had more pain in my upper body this period than my lower (weird huh?).... especially my arms and shoulders!!! They have just killed me!!!

    How old is your son again?... i can really relate to what your son is feeling! Your so fortunate that he feels safe and comfortable enough to share his feelings with you... so just knock that little voice that telling you your a failure and your helpless away right now!!! Unfortunately, i never felt safe enough to tell anyone these things and went on to struggle all through my school years. Later, i found out that i had borderline dyslexia... and even in the workforce had to take extra cautions to double check and then double check myself again and again!! For years i just thought i was dumb and/or crazy!

    He is still very young and this can be worked with and corrected now in the early stages!... What about Sylvian Leaning Center? Or a tutor? Your a good mother Sheryl, and the fact that your son feels an open line of communication to you is proof of that!!!! Don't let those little evil voice in your head tell you otherwise!!! Think positive... reflect on the positive... you guys can most certainly turn this around!

    In the meantime, try and take a hot bath... use some heat therapy and take some pamprin. You need some down time for some R&R. You've been pushing to hard, and your body is saying "REST"!!!

    Thinking of You!
    Love Ya~

  8. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    TM, your trip is almost here! Hope you're ready psychologically and physically.

    Sheryl, you are NOT a failure as a mom. We go through so much with our kids and then we think we've failed if we don't get one thing perfect. Andre' would not pick out books for a very long time. I would pick them out and he still would not read them. I found that reading at home is not as good as the library. He sees the library as a place to read and home as a place to play. Worked for us anyway. Look at the Beverly Cleary books titled Henry Huggins, Henry and Ribsy, Henry and the Paper Route and Henry and the Clubhouse. This is what saved us. Those books are cute and fun. I love them myself. Andre' is 5th grade so ahead of your son. You could also try her books about Ralph S. Mouse and the one about the mouse and the motorcycle. I forgot the name. He read those in 4th grade.

    Stormy, will green food supplements cause any type of post die off? Started noticing differences (again) in my BMs and just wondered as that is the only thing Iim doing differently.

    Do any of you use an air purifier in your home? If so, what kind and how do you like it? I think a lot of my allergies might be helped by getting one of those. All three of us get stopped up noses a lot.

  9. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words..and all your support...This is just a really hard time for me...

    My how life changes...

    Tm...I do think he is dylexic...But he has never been tested for it..I am sooo sorry that you had to struggle with this too...Like for the word felt...he says left...or it is the little words he has a problem with...he, this, they,his....My son is 9..he is 3rd grade...His reading level is at a 2nd grade level...He still does ok..but struggles and gets frustated...

    I have checked into Sylivans(sp)..It is sooo expensive. We can't afford it..I had a tutor for him but she is about 80 years old and doesn't want to do it...So I am not sure what to do...I thought about hooked on phonics...He does go to extra reading at school..but that must not be enough..

    So next week I am going in and meeting with his teacher and the reading teacher..

    I can't believe we are on the same least you should be over the really crappy part before you leave..Do you leave today???...Well just have a good time..

    Linda...I am going to take the kids to the library after school today...I will write down some of the ones you suggested..I just try to pick out easy books for him...He read this morning before school for a little bit and did very well..

    Stormy...Thanks for all your support with everything...You really are a big help to all of us in more ways than one..

    You know all the changes I have made with my son and was seeing a huge difference...I don't know what happened...all I know is the last few days I increased his threelac and cut out a few more things...I think he is doing a little better already...I think he goes through a rollercoster just like us..

    All I know is I have had it with this yeast crap!! When I first started treating for it I could really tell a difference...Now I take all these things and it won't budge..I did a spit test today..I hadn't done one for a while...but it just sunk to the bottom..My tongue is white everyday when I get up...What do I do???

    I did go back to bed this morning...for about an hour..I think that helped...I still feel pretty tired...I am suppose to go to a meeting tonight so I better wake up..

    Hope you all have a good day...I am not sure what I am doing today...It's suppose to be 80. I can't believe it..

    Thanks again..
  10. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    I had just been sailing along doing a little each day to get ready with little to no stress (unbelievable, right!??)... this morning.... BAM!.... panic time!!!!! OMG!!! I still have so much to do! HOW!?? I've been at it for 2 weeks!!!!

    I go to get in my car to run to Target, and my car is stalled!!! GR8!!! The battery is dead or something! Actually have several last min. places to run to today... now gota wait for DH to get home!!... he's trying to get off early, but i know how that goes!... i probably wont get any sleep tonight... i'll be sleeping on the way i guess! YUCK! Time for a valium already!!

    Need to get these shakes made and some chicken salad for pita's for lunching on.

    Sheryl~ of course i don't know for sure, but it does sound a lot like dyslexia... i had... and still do have sooo much trouble with the smaller words! And numbers!!! If there is more than one zero involved i literally have to cover the others up and count the zeros! My eyeball go so crossed, over double zeros they about bulge right out of my head!!! Sounds humorous, but i'm not kidding!

    Hooked on Phonics was the other thing i was trying to think of... how did that look? Was that expensive? I'm glad to hear you all are going to the library. That is a good start, and shows him your love and support!... I will be thinking of you and your son! I know you can and will pull through. I'm sure his teacher will have some suggestion for you next week also!... just hang in there, and be present and avail to him, just like you have been ;-)

    I've gota get the lead outa my behind ladies!!! LOL*
    Got to much to do to be sitting here on this computer all day!... so, i must say goodbye now for the weekend! Hope you all have a pleasant weekend, and Happy Holiday!!!!

    Love Ya~
  11. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Stormy, I meant to write "pest" die off instead of "post". Glad you were able to ready my typo.

    I'm still taking only one a day of the green foods and am not at all uncomfortable. Just had that question about it. Thanks for letting me ask questions about things that aren't exactly everyone's favorite conversation subjects!

    Even my husband doesn't want to know that much about me!

    It is a wonderful, beautiful day here. No school tomorrow. Hope the weekend is nice.

    TM, be so very careful on your trip. I don't want you bedridden for a week after coming home.

    Sheryl, enjoy the library. If you can help your son be a good reader he will become better in other subjects also. As far as Sylvan, I know someone who is taking her child there and it is horribly expensive. She's not even seeing good results. I wonder if you could post an ad at a local university for someone to tutor him. If you get a young person who is studying to be a teacher, they'd probably welcome the chance to tutor a child and not be anywhere near as expensive as Sylvan.

    Everyone have a great weekend.

  12. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Hope you're off to a great weekend.

    Iknow TM is off on her trip. Hope she's doing good.

    Sheryld, how is the floor coming along? I cannot stand the thought of your hubby having to strip it down and start all over. That would be terrible!

    Hope you guys had fun at the library. I know that just being there and spending time with your kids and also letting them see you read is a big help. My son has been declared gifted and yet he still brings home failing grades sometimes and hasn't even made honor roll this whole school year. Kids are strange the way they act. He makdes 100s when he wants to and 0s when he didn't take the time to even do his work. He seems to get more 0s when his interests go somewhere else (like skateboarding which his dad has currently put a stop to.)

    Hey Stormy, hope all is well with our guru this weekend.

    I'm having a rough weekend. My kitty was in the hospital. She had a bladder infection. We go back next week for another blood sugar check. We've been controlling her diabetes with diet, but may have to start insulin shots.

    Also, my husband's grandpa is sick. He has had throat cancer but after treatments was symptom free for about a year. It is back now and docs are not going to treat it. They say he has maybe six months to live. This is killing me. I love him like my own papa. He is such a good man. We just had a birthday party for him a couple of weeks ago. He's 78. that's too young to lose him in my opinion.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend,

  13. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    That is terrible...I am so sorry that you are having a bad time...I will pray for your family..and your kitty too...

    The floor is at a stand still...My husband was so frustrated that he gave up for a little bit...Which was a good I think after this weekend he will get back to it..I really hope he does not have to strip it again..

    My Mom is giving me headaches again...She really drives me crazy...I think she lies and then tries to blame it on me..Like I just don't rememeber...Which sometimes I really don't...but sometimes I do and I know she lies to me...Then says..I told you...She just stresses me out..

    The library went well...I just didn't have a lot of time there...I had to go to a meeting...But we got some books...He picked out a comic type book and has been reading it without me telling him..He really likes it..

    We have been so busy lately...And I am tired..

    I am sorry if I am not on here much...Once it is nice out I just can't sit here...If you really need to talk to me...Just e-mail me..

    I really hope you have a good Easter...And I hope things go better for you soon!!

    You take care..
  14. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    There's no place like home!!!! It's nice to go away... but, its even better to come home again! :)

    Hope you girls had a nice Holiday weekend!!??!!
    I sure missed you gals!!

    Our trip went well! Having the minivan really helped a great deal... as well as my fitness ball and all the other things that kept me comfy. I'm nursing a little flare right now... which i didn't even get until we were about 4 hrs from home and was driving right as it was getting dark. Hubby was sleeping and i had to drive right into a really bad rain storm with thunder/lighting. I had to wake hubby up and lay down in the back on heat, as i was having high anxiety.

    I've got a slight pinched nerve mid back i'm having to do mostly ice on (which i hate! feels like pins and needles!... but heat will just make a pinched nerve worse!) And my hips/goin area hurts so bad i can hardly walk, that alone get up and down the stairs!!!!.... So, i've just been taking it easy and trying to re-coop!

    Sheryl~ Were are you with the floors? Did they dry, or are you starting over? .... I'm with you... i too, won't be on here as much once the weather starts getting nice!.... but, i definitely want to keep in touch!!! Plus, it looks like we'll be moving soon, so i'll need to get busy packing!

    Linda~ Sorry about your kitty! : ( How is your FIL? Any better? Sounds like you really got your plate full!!! Is all this slowing down your moving process any? Do you have projected move date?

  15. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Tm..Glad you are back...Sounds like the trip went fairly well...That's good...Hope you are feeling better with the whole nerve thing soon...

    I wonder if I don't get the same thing you are describing...My lower back will hurt...tailbone...hip...but I get shooting pain from my groing down the front of my leg...I need to get it checked out...It is happening alot..

    Linda...I posted a thread to you yesterday...Where are you??? I was wondering how things are going??

    The floor thing is still not good...My husband decided to strip the floor last night...but when he tried it would not come off...So now he is just going to sand it as much as he can and just kinda start over in spots...Who knows how it will turn out...I am not really worried about it...I like the rustic look..

    But I will say I want it done like two weeks ago...I am sooo sick of my house being a mess...I just can't take it..

    I don't know what is going on...I gained like 8 lbs. with my periond this time...and I went down a few pounds...but I am getting bigger...I have never gained any weight in my whole life...

    This is really bothering clothes feel tight...Is it from some of my supplements??? Or foods I am eating??? I don't like it at all..I can't help but eat..I am starving all the time..It drives me crazy..

    Talk to all soon..
  16. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    Hey, girls

    TM, glad you're back home safe and sound. I've always said the best part of a trip is coming home. I'm such a homebody I drive my hubby crazy sometimes.

    No projected moving date as of yet. Big neighborhood wide open house for all who have houses on the market coming up May 7. Hoping to get a lot of traffic that day and hopefully a sale soon thereafter. There's going to be games for the kids and a map of all the houses.

    Don't intend to move until I sell this house. I have never done that before, sold a house and then bought another one. I always buy one first and then try to sell or rent the previous house. Can't handle that this time around

    Sheryld, so sorry I didn't get your post yesterday. My kitty was back in the hospital. Her abx were not working and the UTI was getting bad. Changed abx and am hoping to see marked improvement. She is drinking more water which is good. While in hospital she had to be put on IV fluids as she was so dehydrated.

    My papa is not so good. He can't seem to get around much and is having to eat baby food as he can't swallow. Of course, he hates that and so he is not eating very well at all. I hate to see him like this. Just a few months ago he was at my house riding my son's bicycle and he didn't quit working (drove a school bus) until last school year.

    When I see him trying to swallow and how much it hurts him, I just can't take it. And then with my kitty being sick on top of that I've done a lot of crying.

    This causes me to hurt so much more. YOu guys know how it works.

    I have been getting the pain in my groin and running down my legs for years. My GYN has always attributed it to my endometriosis. Do either of you have any problems with your reproductive system that could be endometriosis? It's a painful ailment. Had surgery last year and dr wants to do a hysterectomy. Don't think I'll let him though.

    Okay. I didn't post for a few days and I think I'm trying to make up for it!

    Took Tylenol PM and need to go to bed. I'm falling asleep.

    I'll look you girls up tomorrow when I'm feeling fresher.

    Good night,


  17. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    Linda...I am so sorry for all the saddness you are having...((((((HUG)))))...That makes me sad too...It must be so hard...I think crying is much better than keeping it all in...I hope things get better...

    I was wondering about the endometreosis(sp)...I need to go see my gyno...Something is just not right...My lower ab is so huge all the time..So uncomfortable..So much pain down there that I have never had...

    Stormy has mentioned to me that is should have that checked out...

    I had an apt. with the gyno...but something came up and I had to cancel...I just need to schedule it around that time of the month...And he is not in on the day I have off..So it is hard to figure out a day to go...I will get on that...

    I just got a call from my Mom...Her husband has been going through a lot in the last couple of years health wise...Now he has finally went to Mayos...he has been there a couple of time and they say he has neuropathy...

    But now today the dr. called and said they found a tumor around the hip area and going down the thigh....He doesn't understand after everything he has had done how it got missed....So he wants him back up there emediately to do a biopsy...So they are pretty scared...He did have some pre-cancer cells when he had some other things biopsied...

    I swear it is always something...Always something to worry about...

    I go tomorrow to meet with my sons teachers...I am a little stressed about that...Hopefully all goes well...They are both really nice ladies...but I just like to hear bad things about my kids...

    Hope you all have a good day...I'll talk to you later!!

  18. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    I'm really not sure what that is though Linda... so, you may have to explain a little.... But, yes i do have reproductive problems!

    I mostly notice this pain in my groin when i get stressed or anxious. I didn't even know i was doing this until recently... but, i do this thing with digging my butt into the seat and really tightening my thighs/hips.

    Sheryl~ Did you start on any new meds (PX)?? 8 lbs is quit a bit for one week!!!! Have you had your thyroid checked?

    Linda~ Thats gota be hard to watch your Papa like that!!... and then your kitty being sick on top of things! I agree, it is better to just cry and get it out than hold it in.... but, your right the crying seems to make the pain we're in worse. Kinda puts you into a flare! Remember to be good to yourself during this time! Take plenty of hot baths, go for a little walk to get some fresh air, sip on some herbal tea with a magazine.... even if the time you give yourself each day is just 10 or 15 min... it will really rejuvenate you so you can stay present and avail in the moment w/ your Papa and kitty. I'm really sorry your having to go through all this right now! ((((( Big Hugs ))))))

    I had my first PT session Tues night for myofacial release therapy. They didn't do much this time... more of an evaluation type thing. Pushing/Pulling, Stretching/Lifting kinda thing to check all my reflexes. He did a little bit of massaging on my neck and shoulders... but, not much. Then showed me some stretches he wanted me to add to the ones i already do. I've been a little tight ever since. But, i go back today at 4pm! I just really hope he can do something about these knots! He mentioned tring Ultrasound therapy... thought that sounded pretty cool!

    Hope you gals have a good day!
    Talk soon!!!

  19. eeyoreblue02

    eeyoreblue02 Member

    I'm glad to have both of you back on the board.

    TM, I'll e-mail you about the endometriosis. I've had it for 18 years.

    Sheryl, I'm sure everything will be okay with your son's teachers. Keep working with him on the reading. Every time I see my son's teacher now she comments on how much his reading has improved and is getting improvement in other subjects too.

    I think we all have a bit of spring fever lately although the last couple of days here have been stormy. Not been on computer much as electricity flashes and it's not worth the trouble of having to start all over again.

    Thanks to both of you for your kind words about my papa and my kitty. My kitty seems to be showing some improvements. She is drinking more water and ate a bit of food on her own. This morning when the alarm went off she tried to get me out of bed which is her usual attitude. Also this morning when I stepped out of the shower she was laying on the bathmat. Another usual event. Those things made me feel better.

    Papa is showing no improvement. I think he is ready to let go. He has suffered enough and he knows there is no real hope this time. He is more accepting of it than the rest of the family. Memaw is in poor health and I'm afraid that she will get worse if Papa passes away. I don't want her to give up too, but I have seen that with other elderly couples.

    Thanks again girls. It's good to have you to talk to.

  20. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    I just thought I would peek in before I headed off to bed...

    Tm...No I haven't started any new meds...I just eat all the time..I don't know what the deal is...I am starving all the time...I do think alot of it was fluid...Cuz now I have been peeing like crazy...But my stomach is still huge and I am all finished...It is so uncomfortable..

    Let us know how your therapy is going...My chiro did some ultasound stuff of me and that is the only thing that ever helped me..He always told me that those knots are a build up of lactic acid (cuz we're type A personality) and the ultrasound breaks that up and helps get that out...Plus he always if you increase your oxygen level it will help push that out..But good luck with that...I hope you get some relief..

    Linda...So glad to hear that your kitty is doing better...

    Could you e-mail me about the endo too??? I am going to ask my gyno about when I go..

    My son has been doing really well reading this week...I'm keeping my fingers crossed...It will be interresting to see what his teacher say..

    Sorry your Papa is suffering so much...You know you always have us to talk to...Even if I am not here I usually check my e-mail...

    Talk to you guys later...


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