Shin Splints (Not sure)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, May 12, 2013.

  1. TaniaF

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    Hope this message gets to anyone - not sure if I like this new board. LOL

    I'm having pain in my left ankle and thought it could just be arthritis, but then it radiates a few inches up the leg (tibia bone). It cuts like a knife when I walk.

    I do have myofascial pain in my leg (along the sides from the hip down - can feel the lumps and bumps). Could anyone explain the ankle & up pain. It hurts when I walk and sometimes burns.

    I don't even know which doctor to see - I guess ortho first and then rheumatologist. Actually both ankle areas hurt if I rub it, but the left is worse. Well, the entire left leg is bad due to SI joint dysfunction in the pelvis.

    Any ideas?:(
  2. stick2013

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    If it is shin splints, then resting your legs, and using ice is recommended. Also stretching the calf muscle is important. You do this by doing wall push-ups. Stand several feel away from a wall, place hands on wall and lean into the wall and hold position. Make sure your heels are firmly on the floor. You should feel pulling and stretching in your cal
    F muscle. If you don't then you are not far enough away from the wall.

    Shin splints are painful. I have had them from overdoing walking......
  3. Clark Ellis

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    I had shin splints. I got it playing football (soccer) too much. It is usually an over exercise injury. When I got mine, both my shins went within seconds of each other and I could hardly walk. Over the next two weeks of rest, the right one cleared up, the left didn't.
    I had lots of tests, MRI etc, to rule out stress fracture, and other stuff. I had a pressure study which was high, so had decompression surgery (I don't recommend) and this fixed the pressure, but not the pain - so I was then looking to have shin splints surgery when I got ME and so never did that. Shin split surgery is usually nasty too.
    I'd suggest a rheumatologist first.
    I first tried physio but that didn't work and was also very painful.

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