SHINE protocol: how did you find a doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bellydonna, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. bellydonna

    bellydonna New Member

    For those of you who use SHINE protocol/Dr Teitelbaum's advice as described in book "From Fatigued to Fantastic": please tell me how you found a doctor to monitor you?
    I can't find a doc who has even heard of this.

    I am in Pittsburgh PA area.
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  2. PVLady

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  3. bellydonna

    bellydonna New Member

    Please tell me what you mean when you say "bumping"?
  4. pw7575

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    Hi Bellydonna,

    Bumping just means that someone is bumping your message back to the top of the board so that more people will see it and possibly be able to answer your question.

    Hope someone is able to help you with finding a doctor.

    Take Care,
  5. bellydonna

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    thanks for explaining bumping!
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    Your post was 3-4 pages back. If you ever really need a answer and don't receive it, you might go to your posts and bump them - sometimes posts will move very fast.

    To bump a post you just act as if you are replying but type in "bump" and it will go back to the first page.
  7. bellydonna

    bellydonna New Member

    So, maybe I'm lucky that recently I needed spinal surgery because my neurosurgeon is the most brilliant and kindest person on earth.

    not only did he fix my spine, he gave me advice re: fms.

    I started coq10 yesterday, d ribose today and will start fish oil soon.

    fingers crossed.

    (and a curse upon all those lesser docs who rolled eyes @ me BAH)
  8. Shalome1990

    Shalome1990 New Member

    I have the book fatigued to fantastic. I am reading it now. I think the website is I haven't gotten all the way through the book yet, I am in Panama City Florida and I am driving all the way to Atlanta GA (5.5 hours) to be treated because I have been in terrible shape for 20 years now!! All I ever got before was antidepressents, diet pills, and sent to a shrink. On the website named above there is a link at the top that says Find A Practitioner!! I have only been going since May this year. I have now been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid problems, fiberous blood, low NKA cells (low immune), hormones are off balanced, sleep trouble, IBS, and very high yeast overgrowth. So, I am truly hoping I am on my way to feeling better. I can actually say I have had a few good days, 3 to be exact, but that is more than I ever had before, so I am taking them and I will continue this route for as long as I can afford to. (ONE BIG PROBLEM - I am having to pay out of pocket and BCBS is taking forever to acknowledge my claims and I am not sure how much they will pay)
  9. NancyDiane

    NancyDiane New Member


    Where did you find a doc I am in Pittsburgh PA also
  10. bellydonna

    bellydonna New Member

    thanks for the input.
    5.5 hrs is a long way- the drive is pretty
    let us know how things progress
  11. bellydonna

    bellydonna New Member

    dear nancydiane,

    Dr Joseph Maroon
    He is a neurosurgeon at UPMC; he* isn't* going to manage my FMS care
    (he did spinal surgery for me).
    But he is brilliant and very kind.

    I have been asking every doc I saw ( which is MANY) to give me some guidance, particularly re: SHINE protocol. I have wanted to hear their opinions re: it- as in did they think it was worthwhile or something I should ignore.

    None of my specific FMS docs had heard of it.
    I finally have a good primary doc- when I asked him he said "FMS is definitely a real thing." (THANKYOU!)
    while he hadn't heard of SHINE he said basically he advises patients that if a treatment doesn't sound completely whacked and isn't too expensive- no harm trying it, Different things help different people.

    The following day I asked Dr Maroon and since he is a neurosurgeon he doesn't follow fms patients but he is a firm believer in D-Ribose, C0Q10 and fish oil.

    As per finding a PGH doc to follow me: I think I will next try
    Amy R. Stine, M.D.
    8150 Perry Hwy
    Pittsburgh, PA 15237
    Tel: (412) 630-8250
    ("Specialties: Holistic family physician addressing body, mind, and spirit. CFIDS/FMS. Doctor-patient relationships.")

    I DO NOT know her so I'm not recommending her but I think I will try her. Got her from several online references including :

    For approx 1 year, I've been with UPMC Pain CLinic:

    they are good with prescription and are nice but are not hip to supplements, IMHO. I do like them and they have been helpful. they also have a Physical therapy/Occupational therapy program for pain mgmnt which I hope to someday do but have not been able yet. You might want to check them out.

    let me know how you do and your doc experiences

  12. NancyDiane

    NancyDiane New Member

    Thank you for all of the information - I will look in to it.

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