Shingles and PHN

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    Could anyone help me with this.

    Has anyone had shingles and then PHN? My father has this and has had it for over 3 years now. He can't find a good doctor that specializes in this. He's been on different kinds of patches and they make him very sick and he ends up in the hospital from the high amount of medication in the patch. He's been on different powerful drugs also that still does not help.

    They have also did surgery twice to cut the nerves but he still has the constant pain. We live in New York but would be willing to travel aways if we could find someone. Can anyone tell me how to find a doctor for what I'm looking for. Thanks.

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    i had shingles and i thought i had a broken arm went to dr and he said i had shingles look up on internet
    i went to my dermtoligist and he sent me to a pain dr that is all he does i got shots and alot of relief linda