Shingles and stabbing pains

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jadewomyn, Mar 25, 2003.

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    Ok gals, guide me if you will. I am new to the board, new to shingles, but experienced with fibro since 1990. My rash is on my (L)chest between my colar bone and my arm pit. It is starting to reach over my shoulder area.

    My scalp is sore, and I am now getting these REALLY painful stabbing pains around my (L)temple and ear. I am also having frequent roaming internal pain, (also little stabs of pain). Are such things common?

    I am under medical care, but I fear what is to come with the fibro already. I need to plan ahead as far as my job is concerned. This could be a "long haul".

    I hear after the rash is the worst part. One of my docs kept talking about "pain control, pain control, pain control". I sat like a deer in the headlights, totally dumbfounded.

    I need any and all info, input and suggestions.

  2. Hippo

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    I had shingles back in October-November. It was pretty bad. I was put on Acyclovir and cortisone. The rash and pain cleared up in about one month. The doctor told me to expect recurrences, but so far I have not had one. This, of course, has nothing to do with the ongoing pain of fibro. Not sure if you're thinking the shingles and fibro are related? If they are, I don't know anything about it.

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    I had my first outbreak when I was 27, under a ton of stress at the time. I don't know about the stabbing pains in your temple or ear though from shingles...I get those sometimes in my temple also (like an ice cream headache) but I blame it on stress, they only last a second.
    My outbreaks with shingles only occur on my right leg (thankfully), and they are usually not too severe. Sometimes I have some nausea before, normally I have shooting pains that go up my leg from my toes up before the blisters will appear. It hurts to even have the sheet touch my leg in bed sometimes. Something like a tingling pain when your leg falls asleep...but with alot more bite.
    Actually when the blisters appear I start to feel a bit better pain wise. Cool baths, tea tree oil help, I take more Vitamin C during those times, to fight infection. Ibuprophen for the pain.
    Sorry not much info on prescription meds, I tend to go the natural route if I can...too many bad reactions to meds in the past in my case.
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    Before shingles I was pretty healthy. Spring 2001 I had them on my right back and that was the beginning of chronic illness for me. I have CFIDS now. My shingles don't seem to want to go away although the rash only lasted 6 weeks. I had the roaming little stabs of pain frequently and now 2 years later less frequently but occasionally it flares up with the CFIDS symptoms. My naturopath told me I am still fighting shingles that I never got over it. But I am fortunate that I haven't had the pain that some experience. My Dad had shingles on his head and in his eye. This is so much worse. He was in awful pain for years and had some eye damage. I am glad you are under doctor care and know that there are ways to avoid the pain if it gets bad. I hope you won't have too much trouble. Like everything else each person is unique as to how they respond to it. All I ever needed was Advil and my hubby rubbed my back with alcohol because that is what I liked. It made it quit itching and it healed it faster. But this may be too harsh for your skin...mine is oily so no problem for me. I think my dad used hydrogen peroxide and mineral oil mixed for his face. Some even use calamine lotion to soothe rashes. Did your doctor give you some lotion for the rash? There are so many good ones on the market these days I'm sure you could use if the rash is too itchy and painful. Mine would alternate between itching and pricking sensations. Try to take it easy so your body can heal. It is fighting hard right now and you need extra rest and drink lots of water. Hope you feel better soon. CLD
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    I forgot to add that I am on L-Lysine to fight the shingles virus still in my system. I take 2 500 mg. capsules 3 times a day. It is good at helping your immune system get rid of herpes viruses. Best to you. CLD
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    Hello Jade, welcome to our world! I have known people who had shingles, and I am told they are very painful, I sure hope you get help soon.

    I have Fibro for 20 years, but thank the Lord have not had shingles.

    I see you have already gotten some good advice, so just stopped to welcome you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    You just reminded me that I had shingles a couple years ago - with a reoccurance. Now with FM, PMR, possible RA, CFS and "another inflammatory disease," (per doc) I wonder if that's what started all this. Anyone else with info on the connection? Thanks
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    Thanks will be getting some of that today. I had forgotten all about it.
  9. jadewomyn

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    FMS is a immuno deficiency disorder. So our system is weak anyway. Stress is a known factor in reducing the immune system. This means infections and illness are common to us. There has been much research on the topic of various forms of childhood/adult abuse, such as resulting Post Traumatic Stress, and depression/anxiety disorders within our population as a very prevalent pattern. Most of us are hyper vigilant (startle easily, and are generally high strung, reactive individuals).

    The pattern theory goes like this:
    Abuse history (sexual, physical, mental, etc) then
    active good adult life, then major physical trauma like a car accident, concussion, whiplash or physical assault
    immediately followed by extreme physical illness that we never seem to recover from.
    Thereafter we start having the hard-to-diagnose systems of FMS or CFS.
    Usually years later we finally get diagnosed CORRECTLY and can start to manage our disability properly.

    That’s the typical pattern.

    I work with people with disabilities for a living and have over 200 clients on my case load right now. My secretaries give me the FMS and the CFS cases usually. The above pattern does seem to be pretty much the common theme. What does everyone else think?
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    Yes thank you, thank you... needed to hear that. I get so caught up trying to fight to manage the disability I forget the most important.... REST and extra, extra water.

    I have discovered "clustered water". Its a big help. Not alot of hype, as most trendy products are. Done lots of reading on this. Tap water looks like "black fiberglass" under the microscope. Reverse Osmosis looks different from distilled water which is square molecules. Why the difference to the body? The snow flake molecules have a whole in the middle that grabs hold of what ever nutrition (or toxin) it goes in with and transports it right through the intestinal wall into the blood. So its important to take the stuff CORRECTLY. With herbs and supplements - oh yea perfect, but not near or with medications of any kind. Danger danger Will Robinson, take it correctly. More important than what it can do for absorbson of nutrition, is that it HYDRATES our cells extremely well.

    Me thinks I need to a drink gallon... Yesterday. :-\ I forget the most basic stuff sometimes!
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    I have been really humbled with Fibro over the years, and when I heard Shingles I fell through myself. I have come to the conclusion that THIS IS MY BODY, THIS IS MY LIFE AND THIS *&&^%(#%^ VIRUS CAN NOT HAVE ME.

    I will fight with all that I am and have to not let this debilitate me any more than the Fibro already has. I used to bike, kayake, hike and dance on a very regular basis. My weekends were often camping and river trips. The fibro took all of that from me in one lousy summer. I will not loose anymore of my life or life style.

    I am hitting this shingles with the antiviral prescription my doc gave me, (5x per day) and a whole arsenal of supplements, herbs and holipathic blends that should rebuild my system and help me fight this. I will not lay down and let this take me. But... I will lay down for naps... often.