Shingles more than once???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pointy, Apr 25, 2003.

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    About thre years ago I developed a rash on my left back which was diagnosed as Shingles - there was a pale rash tracking across my abdomen to my left labia.Either end of the rash had a shingles type blister. During the following year/two I have had repeat attacks at two monthly intervals - (roughly) - more often on my back than anywhere else.It starts with the customary tingling feeling and then the blister arrives.
    Two weeks ago - Palm Sunday to be precise I had the start of yet another attack on my back - by far and away the worst one yet. Almost a double blister site.I am also suffering from the most horrible sensation down the back of my left thigh - the person that described it as a hairbrush over sunburn got it right - I am assuming this is phn?
    All of these symptoms have started since my husband was killed on 24/12/97 and I was very traumatised by that event and the tow subsequent court cases. I get very tired a lot of the time and have just celebrated my 50th birthday - anyone any bright ideas how I might get to feel better. I am going to see a homoeopath.
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    Only stating what I was told or heard from people:
    I had the shingles about 5years ago - they were horrible with a lot of pain - had to take pain pills..
    Often shingles do surface after a very stressful event..
    I have heard that it is rare, but you can get them more than once..But to get them as often as you have had this problem, I have never heard of that.. Doesn't mean it's not possible, just telling from my own personal experience..
    Do you see a dr. each time this happens..You really should if not doing so already.. When caught in early stages, shingles can be treated with an anti-viral drug..
    Take Care........Donna
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    Including Shingles, can resurface when the immune system is down, usually when stress is overwhelming.

    They tell you you can't get Mono more than once, but you can.

    Herpes viruses have an active stage where they produce symptoms and then go dormant in the body, often for years, only to resurface later. This is why it is soooooo important to manage our stress and build up our immune systems.

    Love, Mikie
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    Grandmother is generally a very healthy & active woman & she has just got them for the 2nd or third time. Poor thing is VERY unwell with it :(
    Hope that you are feeling better soon!