Shingles Post Neurologic Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Toga, Sep 15, 2012.

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    Hi all, I've not posted in a while but now I really need some advice.

    I have been suffering from shingles since August 5th. The rash is about 6-8 inches weid starting at the exact center of my chest (under my breast) to the exact center of my back.

    I saw the Nurse Practioner at my Primary's office and she put me on Vacycla... (you know what I mean) and Neurontin for the pain. I sufferred awfully for about a week. I'm talking crying, moaning, terrible pain. The only thing that helped was the Neurotin which made me sleep for a few hrs at a time.

    I can't take any pain meds per se because of allergies. I rely on Tylonol for FM. Anyway now I'm having the Post neuro pain and it seems to be going on forever. I can't wear a bra and that keeps me at home all the time. I am so tired and discouraged. It is just wearing me out.

    I only take the Neurontin at night because of the sleeping problem but I have no energy, pain all the time.

    Do any of you have any suggestions, experience, or knowledge of anything that may help this post neuro pain? I would be so grateful for any help you may offer.

    Please excuse any misspellings. I would like to blame that on Shingles too but I think I'm just too tired to look words up.

    I would like to slap my Primary because he advised me not to get the vaccine a couple years ago. I have since found out he has an autistic child and I wonder if that's why he doesn't believe in vaccines. No one in their practice of several doctors give even flu vaccines.

    I do get a flu shot every year and have had a pneumonia shot but have put off the shingles shot and wish so badly that I hadn't. I was going to get it at Walgreens.

    Thank you in advance. I am getting desperate. I feel like I'm losing a part of my life which wasn't that great anyway (because of the FM and osteo arthritis.) But I was hanging in there. Now I am so discouraged.

    Againm, thanks.

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    Thanks for your reply Jam. Yes, I take GSE, have for many years. I've done so because of you singing its praises. I believe you're right. I never get a cold. Oh shucks, I said "never." My mother told me never to say that. There I go again.'

    I hear what you are saying about stress and I also try to stay calm. But I have two daughters and 7 grandchildren who I love to death and if any one of them is upset then I am too. I forgot to mention that I have one crazy husband too.

    I am wound kind of tight although most people would not think so. I sufferred with migraines for 25 years until menopause and poof they went away.

    Then I almost bled to death before transfusions and surgery. I never really recovered from that and then along comes FM. That's been rough and then there's always something else cropping up, like Shingles etc.

    I'm going to call the dr tomorrow and see what she/he suggests.

    Thanks again,

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    Well, I called the Dr. yesterday. He called in a rx for Lyrica. My insurance won't cover it at all, not one cent. They need more info from the Dr. (that's what the Pharmacy said.) And it might take a couple days to get the info and then get back to the ins co yada yada yada.

    So I called the Dr. again (Mind you I never get to talk to the Dr. there's always an intermediary.) I told the girl what pharmacy said and asked if there was something cheaper ie. a generic drug that might be rx'd.

    So I'm waiting on that possibility.

    Isn't being old and feeling like he!! wonderful??

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    The girl called and said Dr. had called in an rx for Neurontin, 300 mg 2 X a day. Well, I know that will help but I'll be zonked most of the time.

    Anyway my husband stopped at the pharmacy to get the script. He told them he didn't want the expensive one. And the lady said, "you mean the $29 one?" He said we were told it was $235.00. And she said they talked to the dr and the ins co and it was lowered.

    Do you believe that? I thought it would take several days. Anyway the lady told my husband that he could still get it if he wants. So when he told me that I said we might as well try it. So he's going to get it tomorrow.

    I'll let you know if it helps. I have book club tomorrow night and would love to go. I missed last month because of Shingles. Let's hope I can wear a bra, hee hee.

    Thanks for all your interest in this and the Shingles Vaccine post. Lots of interest in that one. I'm going to find out how long I have to wait before I can get it.

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    Well its Thursday and I completely lost Wednesday. I took the Neurontin as rx'd and slept all day. Just as I though I would. I'm only going to take it at night from now on unless the pain is so bad I want to go to sleep.

    My husband went back to the pharmacy (poor dear) and found out that the $29 is only for 6 pills, at 2 x's a day that's 3 days worth. We decided against it. I guess I'm afraid I'll really like it and want to take it all the time for my FM and I'm not willing to start paying that kind of money for meds.

    I want to thank you all for your interest and the comments about the kitties' names. Originally, about 10 years ago we had three and I named them Larry, Daryl and Daryl. Larry turned out to be girl but she didn't mind being called Larry. The Vet's office got a kick out of the names too.

    When we moved, we could never catch Larry. She was more of a feral cat then the boys. We tried everything for weeks, even a humane trap/cage. We caught 2 possoms and 2 racoons but not Larry. It's been 7 years and I'm still sad about it.

    I also like to call the boys the Big Bad Beautiful Black Brothers when I'm talking to them. I'm into aliteration (is that how you spell it? Haven't used the word since highschool. Surprised I still know what it means.)

    Anyway thanks all and I'm going to keep on keeping on. I feel a tiny bit better each day and that gives me hope for the Christmas Holidays Ba ha ha ha!


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