Shingles, Shingles, Shingles....

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  1. Cyrus

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    I keep having repeat bouts of shingles and it seems that the time in between episides is getting shorter. I've had them 4x this year the last time just as recent as a month ago - does anyone else out there have this kind of frequency with the shingles virus and if so what does your doc say?

    My doc just keeps on prescribing Valtrex which will work if we catch them in time. But it seems to be a bandaid? What can I do to prevent them or help myself instead of trying to fix them after the fact?

    Would appreciate any help anyone has to offer!!!
  2. Dlebbole

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    Google cimetidine and shingles and see what you think. I tried it, but oddly, it hurt my stomach. I am now trying transfer factor, but can't make any judgements about if it is doing anything. good luck, shingles hurt! Diane
  3. 69mach1

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    i'm so sorry to hear you have shingles again.

    i got them for the first time in february . then phnemonia in march i thought what next, well it was a stressful visi form my mother, then it was an allergic reaction to either xanaflex or diflucan in june. i thought oh boy.

    i had the shingles hit my sciatica nerve down on lower bpart of my bum. i thought it was my back and fibro again. then there was a rash about a sizew of a silver dollar down there.

    i have kaiser insurance, hmo, i'd change but that's all i have until next year may.

    so they gave me some zovarax, for herpes take for i think it was 10 days. and some dilaud for the pain. i still have pain into my feet but i do having bulging discs and ddd, you have to read my bio so many things to list.

    people say you only get that once. that is not true. thank god i only hda it once so far but i'm only 40 years old.

    rest up and that is all i have heard that may help the time pass a little sooner. i don't know if it's true.

    but good luck.


  4. allie42

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    Cyrus, I'm afraid I've never heard of anyone having repeat bouts of shingles like you describe. As painful as they are, this must be totally awful for you.

    My mother, and later, my son, had shingles. In both cases they were given prednisone (sp?) and some pain meds--don't remember the names of those. But both doctors told them to take B12 to strengthen their systems and minimize the after affects of the prednisone as well as the shingles.

    Neither ever had a return bout, but I know they could feel pain in the nerve endings at every site where there had been an outbreak for nearly a year after the "rash" faded.

    Again I'm so sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble.
  5. helpeachother

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    So sorry to hear about this awful pain and discomfort.

    Ive got the miserable shingles waxing and waning for six months or so now. The pain is terrible, but, I did find one amazing and helpful relief for the blebs, rash, itching, etc.

    Believe it or not, its TAGAMENT ( i heard it on this wonderful board). You can search above by tagament. I use the half-price generic store brand, and this is how i take it. one pill in am, one at lunch, one with dinner , then TWO pills before bedtime. Thats five a day.

    The thing is that id doesnt do anyting for the inside inflammation nerve pain, but to get relief from the epidermal issues is great!.

    One note that i have found: if you miss even one dose, you will remember because the skin symptoms come right back. Its been wonderful how it helps me, but i get terrible headaches when taking the antivirals, do you?

    Good luck and heal. Peace

  6. Mom3

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    Hi just wanted to share with you some info, my mom got them and they keep reoccurring too, very painful.
    My brother who is only 22 got them as well a few months later.
    My mom also has fibro and brother was recovering from mono.
    I really believe doctors should be educating themselves more of autoimmune diseases, our environment has changed so much even our seasons have changed too, and diseases and reoccurrances of them, obviously you can't refer to the medical book as the bible to diseases because what is says and what people experience is very different.
    Doctors need to update proper diagnosis and get with the program.
    Our environment and food has changed a great deal and our bodies are reacting to it.
    I hate when doctors get lazy and go by the book not listening to patient and trying to understand what they are suffering thru.
    Sorry had vent.
    Hope you feel better and try to listen to your body rest up and do not overdue yourself.

    Shingles seem to be alot more common. mom3
  7. Lori57

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    I have had reoccurring shingles for the past 32 years, beginning in my mid-twenties. At first it was two or three times per year, but in the last few years they have been increasing in frequency and severity. I now have shingles every month and a half to two months, on average, with cold sores in between. I began taking valacyclovir daily a few months ago and while that has lessened the duration and pain of the outbreak, it is showing up in areas I did not have it in before, such as my hands and mouth with a lot of pain and inflammation in my jaw and face. I increase my dosage at the onset of an outbreak.

    Like many others with reoccurring shingles, I also have fibromyalgia (diagnosed 22 years ago). Unfortunately my family doctor does not seem to see the link. I am unable to take most pain meds and though we have tried other meds for the fibro pain, I have had bad reactions to those as well. So, other than ibuprophen and acetaminophen, there is nothing I can do (at this point) for the neuralgia.

    Is anyone aware of any studies linking fibro and shingles? I have seen information linking Lupus and shingles.
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  8. DonKerr

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    Hi folks.
    Don here. I have a 46 y/o daughter with MS and Fibro and although she sees the medics in her local hospital little seems to be going her way....but back to why I hit this forum first.

    I had shingles a few years ago. All my family have at some time or other so I would like to offer my 'fix' for shingles....may be not everyone will benefit, but I cannot pass this way and not relate my own 'cure'.

    It was a few summers ago in August and temps where in the 105 region. It came on over night and be mid morning was like wearing sackcloth. I have always drank cider vinegar with the 'mother' in it and used it to fight infections in many cuts I had gotten in my work...some real deep ones.

    So I tore off strips of bed sheet and soaked them in vinegar and wrapped them around cummerbund style where the red blisters showed. Two days of this and like a roof in a tornado...shingle free ! Working on my own it didn't matter I smelt like fish and chips but hey...who gives a toss about that when the fix is in?

    I hope you try it ...can't hurt..well it might sting first off. be aware...Cider Vinegar with the Mother.


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  9. Lori57

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    Just wondering.... What is cider vinegar "with the mother" ?
  10. DonKerr

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    To answer your question Lori, Cider Vinegar with the 'Mother' I have quoted from

    "........Raw= unpasturized...

    Organic= no non-natural chems used on the trees or fruit--note that this DOESN"T mean nothing was used--just that any treatment was a natural one.

    Mother (Or Mother of Vinegar)= The enzyme that settles at the bottom of the bottle, and part of the normal production process with natural apple cider vinegar. Supposedly, Hippocrates used cider vinegar with the mother to treat his patients, and it's supposed to have internal clensing and healing properties. As to whether it is the miricle cure that it's claimed to be? You got me. Lots of argument about this out there.

    The mother is made up of the yeasts and fermentation byproducts that are produced when the cider ferments to vinegar, and you should shake the bottle up to evenly distribute it before you use it. The big commercial companies filter it out, because it makes the vinegar look like it's growing something--which indeed it is!........."

    NOTE ! Some sources of this vinegar have in the past been found to be contaminated and have caused sickness. It was found to be e-coli. Make sure you get yours from a reputable" Braggs or Heinz.

    The NOTE is just a caution, not to worry you... your more likely to get sick sucking your thumb !
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  11. mbofov

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    Lori - Jam is right about the lysine helping with shingles and cold sores - read about it. Also, your immune system must be compromised to have these recurring infections. Have your vitamin D levels been checked? Good vitamin D levels are crucial for immune health.

    I think the solution is to work on rebuilding your immune system and not relying on antivirals as much as possible. Make sure your diet is good. I'm sure you know that stress, sugar, etc. are hard on the immune system. I just read about someone who greatly reduced her shingles outbreaks when she started taking GABA, an amino acid which is a calming neurotransmitter. l-theanine is also very good (it helps the brain produce GABA)

    One product which has been helpful for my immune system is Moducare - combination of plant sterols and sterolins, you can google for more info.

    Good luck!