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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bxteacher, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Bxteacher

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    I have been told to get a Shingles shot. I am 60 yeras old, have Chronic Leukemia, FM, RA & some other health issues. I have been told that the aftermath of shingles can be more painful than the actual outbreak especially with anyone suffering from pain disorders already.

    Has anyone had a Shingles shot or have any more info on this topic?

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Who told you that? Was it a Rheumy? I am wondering the same thing. But what I have read on line is that it is a "live" virus and if we have autoimmune disorders...then we should not have a live virus.

    My mother and her brother both had shingles and if you do, you want to call your doc immediately and get on the antiviral med. Faster you get on it, it lessens the change of permanent "aftermath". In rare cases the shingle pain becomes permanent and is terrible. Not much touches the pain.

    I just talked to my pcp and he wants me to just risk getting shinges...easy for him to say. I am going to ask my new Rheumy in Dec.

  3. Bxteacher

    Bxteacher Member

    Hi Spacee,

    I was told by my internist, rhuemy and oncologist that is is a GOOd idea & no one mentioned the antiviral thanks.

  4. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    I have firbo (as well as other things), I have no info on the shot (I'm only 35) but I can tell you about shingles, I get a outbreak about ever month to ever other month (about 6-8 times a year). I get them on my upper left butt check (wonderful part to have them). I have been getting them since I was 20 (less often back than). Anyway the pain is awful. Awful nerve pain down my left leg and all thru my lower back, the pain doesn't go away because I get another out break before I know it. I even have some pain if you touch the skin where the out break was after it's healed. Most of the time it leaves a scare. I'm told the pain can last a whole year from one out break.

    I'm on Naurtontin (spelling ?) all the time for the pain, it helps but not enough to take away the pain.

    Get the shot! You don't want to get shingles.

  5. mom2many

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    I take Grapeseed Extract, have for 5-6 years and it's not helping me from getting shingles.
  6. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    I understand the CFS patients have a high rate of getting shingles, don't know if thats really true or not. I haven't been DX with CFS but"I" think I have it also.

    I also take L-Lysine, every one really needs it and it's hard to get enough from food alone.

    I have only taken anti-virals once, this last out break (bad choose of Dr.'s in the past) and didn't do well on it. I had some weird reactions t them. I have a new Dr now and I bet she will put me on one full time to see if that helps.

    I'm allergic to wheat so I'm mostly (I cave every once in a while, I LOVE bread and pasta so much) gluten free.

    Can't say for sure about stress bring them on but I think it does at lest 1/2 the time with me, but than again with me having them so often that would be easy for me to think that.
  7. lurkernomore

    lurkernomore New Member

    When my GP learned that I had been dx'd with Sjogren's, he insisted I have the Shingles shot, as well as the Flu and Pneumonia shot. Funny, he was never concerned about these forms of protection with my Fibro dx. Normally, I am one who reads and researches most everything before jumping up and having treatments done.

    But this one time, I confess, I did not. And it IS a live virus and my arm swelled all the way to the elbow and turned purple. It was very painful for a couple of weeks. When I went back to this GP, he said "oh, you have a bacterial infection." I told him " ahhh no, you messed UP. People with AI conditions should NOT be injected with a live virus." He brushed it off and wrote me a script for an antibiotic.

    The arm slowly returned to normal and luckily, I had no other adverse reactions. The great thing about all that is that, after having recurring shingles since my now 26 year old son, had chickenpox, is that I have not had an outbreak in a good two years now. So it is truly something to think long and hard about, weigh the risks vs. the benefits. I really don't know if I could have lived the rest of my life with shingles coming so often like that. It really was debilitating. One just has to weigh it all and decide for themselves.
  8. day2day

    day2day Member

    You are the first person to have the exact chronic shingle outbreaks that I have had now for the last 8 years. Same spot ( left upper butt and lower back, and also the pain that runs down my leg all the way to my foot). Just the material touching my leg and back are like someone lighting my leg on fire.

  9. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    Neurontin is really helping me so far, I'm only at 300 3 times a day right now.
    I tried Lyrica, gained 60lbs in 3 months and was at the max amount by than also, it toke me 6 more months to wean off of it. It was HARD, the with-draws were the worst things I have even been thought.

    What has your Dr. said out this awful recurring breaks?
    That's really something to even have it in the same spot!
    I have pain that also runs all the way across my back and makes it hard to sit.
    May I ask how old your are? Because I got my 1st outbreak at 20 years old, I didn't get the outbreak very often back than but as the years pass and my illness gets worst I get them more often now, BTW I'm only 35 now so I feel like I have been robbed of my life. I when from teenager to chronically ill in no time.
  10. sewing45

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    I have FM and Celiac Disease, and knew with my suppressed immune system, I didn't want to have to battle Shingles. Your information seems to be true, as I have researched and found the same. I have a friend that had shingles more than a year ago and she still has bouts with the aftermath.

    I got the shot as soon as I had my 60th b-day. I tried to get it at age 58, but my Dr. would not give it until age 60. I was told that the shot would not 100% keep me from having Shingles, but I would have a milder case, without all the pain in the nerve endings that lasts for years afterward.

    My insurance covered the cost and I paid my co-pay for the office visit as usual.

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