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    I just got a flyer about a shingles vaccination. Has anyone here had one?

    The woman I volunteer for is suffereing through a case of shingles. She has had it well over month and is still suffering. It sounds wretched.

    I had chicken pox as a child. I cannot imagine going through this.

    Anyone have any ideas about the shot for CFIDS/ME sufferers?
  2. u&iraok

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    some answers about how vaccines are not recommended for people with weakened immune systems.
  3. victoria

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    I've had it, it was a slow infection for me. It was on my neck and crossed the midline of my body, something it's not supposed to do. Some get repeat infections if immune compromised.

    There are other options. A friend of ours had it for 6 months in the groin area, kept taking the meds for it with no success. Did some research on it, found that cimetidine can really help if you can tolerate it, it has other fascinating properties. He took it and within a few days had a dramatic improvement and it ultimately stopped the infection over a couple of weeks.

    You can read the best report about using it here:

    I had shingles before I knew about cimetidine. I got electro-acupuncture done, it's been proven very effective for shingles. After the first session, we could literally see that the lesions had decreased in size. Plus, I'd had the beginning of a fever and the PHN right before going to the doctor (it was awful! I don't know how anyone survives that kind of pain for long at least without painkillers). By the end of the 1st session it was gone and I had an increase in energy - in fact went to the bookstore that afternoon. After a few more sessions over the next week, it was gone, TG.

    Yes I did take the RX as a 'backup', but remember I'd had the symptoms for a week before taking or doing anything (started the meds the day before the acupuncture - but it was the next day I got the fever and PHN, and then had acupuncture done; so, I'm convinced the acupuncture is what did the trick so quickly).

    Hope your friend finds some relief, Quanked, it is miserable indeed....

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    Tell her to take L-lysine, an essential amino acid taken in extra amounts when fighting herpes infections can reallllly help

    just google it
  5. quanked

    quanked Member

    are FABULOUS! Thanks so much for your responses. I have nothing else in my life like this board.

    This kind of support is such a gift and almost magical when one thinks about how this kind of technology did not exist 15--20 years ago.

    And it is FREE. Those of us with these dd's may be lacking so much in our life, and our needs may be great, but our cup can runneth over here.

    I want to savor this good and grateful feeling for awhile.

    Thank you all.
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    I registered yesterday at realthyroid The board reminds me of phoenix rising. It is very detailed and a somewhat overwhelming to me.

    I have read your posts on thyroid now for some time and I really want to understand more so that I can know what I am talking about when I talk to my dr. I know that I checked out a list online regarding symptoms of thryoid problems and i had most of the symptoms. I just need to find that page again : )

    I enjoy reading your posts and responses. Thanks

    Also, yes, I noticed that the thyroid board is well moderated.
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    Someone wrote to Dr. Teitlebaum asking about the vaccine and he strongly cautioned against getting it if you have CFIDS.

    I had shingles years back when I was teaching (along with a UTI and bronchitis). I remember the thing that helped me the most was applying pure aloe directly on my biggest lesion. It healed it within a few days.

    Blessings and Peace to all,
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    My granddaughter and grandson got chicken pox last week. It was a very mild case as they have had their shots but they did run fevers. The shots are 85% effective. Several children from my granddaughter's school also had CP, fortunately very mild.

    I was worried about getting shingles from them but it turns out you can't get shingles from someone who has chicken pox. However someone with shingles can give chicken pox to someone who has never had it.

    Somewhere along the line someone did not get their shot and it is in the MMRV vaccine so that makes it likely that there is a possible contagious situation going around that is not just the chicken pox. I am furious, but that is another story.

    After seeing this post and with the grandkids getting CP, I plan to get the shot week after next.

    I know someone who got the shingles twice and I am not planning on going through that. It was horrible. Once you reach a certain age the odds are fifty percent of getting it. If you have immune problems you are more likely to get shingles. Sometimes stress, physical or mental can make you more susceptical.

    I have some scientific info as I researched this pretty throughly. I will post tomorrow as it is late.

    I'll let people know if I have a reaction. If I don't post about it, then ???????? :>)

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