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    I am in the Post herpectic neuralgia phase of my second case of shingles. My doctor recently added steroids and valium to my already long list of meds (neurontin-which works SO good), lortab, lasix, potassium, ) and today i am feeling some relief. I experience the sharp, electric type "jabs" that almost bring me to my knees and the burning itching sking where the rash was is so miserable. I have to wear dresses all the time because any material next to my skin makes the pain unbearable. I asked about the shingles vaccine, but was told by my doctor that he didn't think it would really help me as i seem to have a predispositon for shingles. I would like to know what brings on the shingles rash! stress???? nerves?????? what???????
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    My Dad's friend in Florida a few years back became so bad with shingles, that he had to be hospitalized for a while. It was pretty fierce with him.

    Go to the ProHealth Library (under RESEARCH, NEWS & ARTICLES), then click under Articles, and you can find lots of info about Shingles. Good luck and I hope you get past this pretty quickly.
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    Are you on methotrexate? I'm on the drug and have had shingles multiple times. There is not a lot you can do to relieve the pain, it has to run it's course. Stress, compromised immune system, and certain drugs can cause the shingles to become active. You will always have the virus in your body but it takes certain things to make them come out. Sorry you have to be dealing with that, I know what you are going through! It can take weeks to not notice any symptom anymore.
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    Have Herpes-Family Viruses which reactivate when we become stressed, ill or run down. Not all of them are the Chicken Pox Virus which can return as shingles. I have an as-yet unknown strain of a Herpes Virus, or viruses, which reactivates when I get run down. It causes swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, and a general feeling that I'm sick with a virus.

    Stress is the worst thing for us. Refusing to take it easy when we feel tired is another thing which we often do when we are in denial. Herpes-Family viruses never go away. They all have the ability to reactivate. My neighbor got very upset about people in our neighborhood breaking the rules about dogs. She got so wound up that she lost it at a condo mtg. and started to scream. It wasn't long before she broke out in shingles. I don't know that her stress caused her shingles, but if one is suseptible to them, it may not take much to bring them on. That is why avoiding stress and getting plenty of rest is important.

    I'd get another opinion about the vaccine if it were me. Strangely, if I get around anyone with shingles, I have such a strong immune reaction that my doc doesn't think I'll ever get them. This is a strange phenomenon because shingles are not contageous although, someone with shingles can give Chicken Pox to someone who has never had them. There has to be some kind of contageous factor for me to react to them like that.

    My prayers go out to you and other who suffer with shingles. Nerve pain is the worst kind of pain.

    Love, Mikie