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    Hi I have had shingles in my head for over 6 mo,I'm 46 ,why do I need to be 60 to get the vaccine,I think my shingles is moving to other side of brain,any straining or stress flares it up,and I'm supposed to hold a job with this is insane.Has anyone ever had a tooth ache,well I have one In my head,and gabopintin is doing a good job but is still there,the only insurance I have is through the VA,in Ann Arbor,mi,and they frankly don't give a crap and anyone with any disability I feel they want dead ,so the government doesn't have to foot the bill is my belief after being in there care for over 20 years.Took me 20 years to get my disability I've been complaining about since day 1 back in 1991,I drove through the oil fields in Saudi during desert storm and developed asthma and hurt my ankle from getting blown off my truck when they blew up the ammo dump.So a real sympathetic doctor or maybe one that's had it in his or her brain would sympathize and understand the pain I'm dealing with would be outstanding,thank you.
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    Hi, tbaily,

    First, thank you for serving. I'm so sorry for all you have been through. Those who served in the First Gulf War may have been infected with a weaponized mycoplasma bacterium. I lived next to a military facility when soldiers were being deployed and I got sick on Christmas Eve in 1990, just a month before the invasion. It was likely from a soldier who had the active mycoplasma infection out in the holiday shopping crowds. It triggered my CFIDS/ME full blown. I was given antibiotics but not enough and not for long enough. I've never been the same since. I finally had to declare disability in 2000 when FMS piled on to my problems. By the time I learned of the long-term mycoplasma problem, it was too late for the infection to show up in blood tests as it did when it was active. My doc and I decided to treat it with doxycycline on an empirical basis. It worked but it took 2 1/2 years of doxycycline, off and on, to drive it into latency.

    Shingles are in the Herpes family and, like with mycoplasmas, they go latent but never really go away. All it takes is some stress or getting run down to open the door to reactivation. So, if you do have a chronic mycoplasma infection, you will continue to be sick until it is addressed. Same with the shingles. Haven't the docs even offered you an antiviral drug? I know it is impossible to stay stress free when your problems are marginalized by the VA and the docs. Our neglect of our veterans is a national shame.

    You can check out the mycoplasma problem by looking at Dr. Garth Nicolson. He is the foremost expert on it and is a wealth of info. He and his wife have been persecuted by the govt. for speaking out. His step-daughter was in the war and was infected.

    Good luck to you. Let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    tbaily, how are you now?