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    I have had terrible left sided rib and side pain and my doctor is treating me for Shingles. She said you can get the pain without any rash or blisters. Did anyone ever hear of getting Shingles with just terrible pain and no rash? Mary
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    Hi Sunny,
    Thank you for your response to my question.. May I ask what is L Lysine? Also, I still find it so hard to believe that you can have all this pain around your ribs and waist and have it be Shingles with no rash--although, my doctor confirms this, and now you do too. Was your pain also in this area as mine? Thank you so much for anwering my question.

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    It's me Tes. Rib pain has been the biggest problem with my fm for about 8 months now. It waxes and wanes daily, but this past week it has taken a toll on me. I almost went to emergency last night it was soooo bad.(it still is). My pain is in my lower ribs on both right and left ribs. It feels like burning, stabbing, twisting and pulling. And it won't let up. I have done many tests...upper gi, barium enema, ultrasounds, x-rays, blood work, etc. I am having a endoscopy test to see my stomach better. Have you had any tests to rule out other problems. I think it might be my gallbladder. My mom had hers out and suffered immensley for years before they figured it out. The routine ultrasound didn't show any problems, but a scan did. No one has ever mentioned shingles to me. Is there a test for it? Do you get alot of gas pains when your ribs hurt? Also, do you find the cold bothers you more>>>>Is your pain constant all day all night? This is so tough for me. I have 2 young kids and my 4 year old has really noticed a change in me and it's killing me. On Wednesday I see my stomach specialist again, and I am going to take control of this situation and demand more testing. Something just dosen't feel right!!!Do you have nausea, vomitting with this. I hope we can get to the bottom of this and feel some relief soon. Mary, where are you from and how old are you?? I am from Canada and I am 31 years old. I feel like I have suffered way to much for a young women. Everyone around me is so normal and it hurts that noone understands. Anyways, post back and we'll chat more. God bless, Tes.
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    Hi Tes,
    It was so nice to hear from you.. It sounds like you are going through the same pain I am. My rib pain is only on my one side. Most of my pain is on the left side. Shoulder, neck, rib and terrible side pain. I do not know exactly how long I have had FM. I am 47, and over the years I have had my good times and bad times. The past 2 months the rib and side pain is unbearable. Like you described it, burning, stabbing, etc.. it has made my personaility change immensely. My family has noticed such a change in me.There is not a test for Shingles. The doctor just was grasping at straws I think diagnosing me with this. She put me on medication and it has not helped, so I am assuming it was not Shingles. I have had x-rays of my ribs and stomach, and the doctor now wants me to get a cat scan, but like you, I cannot imagine with all this pain there is not something wrong. My mother also had her gallbladder out I remember when we were small and I know that can definitely cause symptoms like we have. I read a lot about the Pancreas also. I have read that people on this board say get that checked also. Have you ever had yours checked? I know how hard it is for you having small children. When my 3 children were small and I use to feel this bad, it is so hard to get through the day trying to show them that you are okay. Do you know anything about Costochondritis? I have read a lot about this also and they say this can cause terrible rib pain. I am so happy I found this site so I can chat with people like you who truly understand. Please let me know how you make out at the doctors and I hope you start to feel better.

    Please take care!
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    Hi everyone:we seem to be experiencing the same thing with the exception I am 74. I have had rib pain when I cough or sneeze,they have ruled out gall bladder. I am fairly sure I have gone into post herpetic syndrome,have had fibromyalgia forever, they are finally recognizing such a thing exists, I was so glad I found this site I was ready to go down to doctor tomorrow and request endoscopy and all that stuff. have an appt. later in the month, my biggest complaint is fatique. I am an oncology nurse and spent 10 years looking after family members at home, then I made a move so I think all th stress I thought I could cope with has caught up with me, I feel like I am 104 instead of 74. Ellie
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    If it's shingles, this med will help. Shingles need to be treated ASAP in order for the antiviral drugs to be most effective.

    There has been a HUGE increase in shingles in the area where I live.

    Love, Mikie